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10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

It’s make-or-break time for Nikau and Bella’s relationship on Home and Away next week.

In other news, Summer Bay welcomes newcomer Theo, while Mac’s new romantic plotline heats up.

Here’s a complete list of ten major milestones along the route.

1. Chloe and Ryder are finally caught out

The discovery that spices and other supplies are going missing at the Diner has perplexed Leah. She suspects that someone has been breaking in after hours and goes there with Justin to investigate.

When Leah rumbles Chloe and Ryder, who are still using the kitchen to take food orders for their delivery service, she is taken aback. When the teenagers explain their situation and how desperate they are, Leah and Justin reluctantly offer to assist them.

The next morning, Leah offers Chloe and Ryder an enticing deal: she’ll let them keep using the kitchen in exchange for a piece of the earnings.

2. Mac and Logan give into temptation

Logan persists in his pursuit of Mac, believing that the two of them could be a suitable match. When Logan and Mac run into one other on the beach, Logan chooses to wait for her while she goes for a surf, allowing them to have breakfast together later.

When Mac kisses Logan, it appears like they’ve finally arrived at the beginning of something amazing.

3. Nikau receives a final ultimatum from Bella

When Bella leaves a message on Nikau’s voicemail asking if they can talk, he is taken aback. Bella forces the matter by showing up at Nikau’s residence when he persistently rejects the message.

Nikau does everything he can to avoid speaking with Bella, even shutting himself in his room. Bella begs Nikau to chat about giving their love another shot when he eventually appears.

Bella reminds Nikau that if he rejects her this time, the two of them would be doomed. Bella is forced to leave since Nikau continues to reject her.

4. Nikau makes a big decision after some home truths

Chloe is taken aback by Nikau’s choice, and she can’t believe he’s passing up a second opportunity with Bella. Nikau is fortunate, Chloe says, that Bella wants to reconcile with him after he cheated.

Nikau realises what an idiot he has been and tells Bella that he does want to reconcile after some strong words from Chloe about how he’s standing in the way of his own happiness.

Nikau and Bella reunite, but with trust concerns in the mix and a lot of unsolved issues, things aren’t going to be easy.

5. Martha doubts her own success

Martha has donated a number of paintings to a virtual auction to benefit mental health organisations. When she doesn’t get any bids at first, she’s sad, but it doesn’t take long for someone to make an offer on a painting of Alf fishing on the pier.

Martha feels that the bid was made out of sympathy for her, but Alf and Roo appear sincere when they say they wouldn’t treat her like that.

6. Ari is shocked by Mia’s secret

Ari isn’t sure how he and Mia will come up with the money for the deposit on the gym that Jasmine is selling. Mia, on the other hand, appears to have a plan as she sneaks into a storage unit and hides a bag of cash.

Mia later informs Ari that she kept the money from an armed robbery he committed years ago. She now intends to use the money to purchase a gym.

Ari is enraged by this news since he is ashamed of his wrongdoing, which resulted in a lengthy prison sentence. Mia points out that Ari has served his sentence and now needs to get on with his life, but it’s evident that doing so with tainted money is a major risk.

7. Justin reacts to Tori’s move

Tori ultimately tells Justin about her and Christian’s plans to go to London, and she braces herself for a harsh reaction. To Tori’s astonishment, Justin is thrilled for her and says that knowing she’s happy is his first concern.

Later, Justin reveals the true reason for his altruistic attitude, telling Leah that the only reason he was so supportive was because he doesn’t think Tori would be hired for the UK position she applied for.

8. Leah’s nephew joins the Bay

When Cash has to reprimand a young man named Theo for speeding in the Bay, he is not impressed. He insists on accompanying the newcomer home and is taken aback when Theo takes him to the Morgan residence.

Theo turns out to be Leah’s nephew, who has been kicked out by his father and needs a place to stay. Justin is irritated by this because he already knows Theo is a troublemaker.

When Leah phones her brother Dimitri, he discloses that Theo was forced out of his car yard because he was running a phoney insurance firm off of it. When they dispute at the Diner, Leah notices Theo’s aggressive side.

9. Tane accuses Felicity of harassment

Tane is wary of Felicity after a rose was left on his doorway. Felicity says that she has no idea what he’s talking about when he asks her about it.

Tane is bothered by Felicity’s constant presence, so he asks her to leave him alone. This perplexes Felicity, who wonders how Tane can accuse her of harassment since they both live in a tiny town.

10. Ziggy is pushed to breaking point

Ziggy is having a hard time managing Dean’s recovery after the vehicle accident. When Mac confronts Dean about the matter, he admits to disobeying physicians’ orders and failing to take his medicines.

Ziggy tries to persuade Dean to take his pain reliever, but he loses his cool and yells at her. Ziggy can’t take it any longer and begs Mac to assist her in dealing with Dean.


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