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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

Toadie’s and Amy’s love lives continue to cause problems on Neighbours next week.

Terese, meanwhile, confronts her past and copes with a surprise departure.

Here are ten Neighbours spoilers to anticipate.


Despite a promising start, Toadie and Melanie’s relationship was shattered when Rose reappeared. Toadie now realises how much he desires to be with her – but he may have waited too long.

Toadie realises that he needs to do something, and that he needs to make a bold, romantic gesture to win Melanie back and show her how much he cares about her. Unfortunately for them both, this gesture backfires spectacularly.

Levi chooses to play catch-up with Amy after pausing his romance with her owing to his mother’s arrival in town, so that she and Ned don’t develop closer than they already are.

When Levi discovers that Amy has booked a sauna, he goes to see if they can make the room further hotter – but his plan is disrupted when he arrives to find Ned already inside with her. Has Levi lost his girlfriend as a result of his decision to take a step back?

Kyle decides to try his hand at documentary filmmaking. To add a little of flair to the project, he decides to attach a tiny camera to Gary the pigeon so that he may soar over Erinsborough and get some incredible images while he’s doing it.

However, while hovering above the neighbourhood, Gary captures more than just local beauty spots, and when Kyle returns the camera, he is astounded by the film Gary has caught. Gary, what have you seen?

Terese hasn’t seen Julie Quill since she confessed to her role in Josh and Doug’s killings a year ago, but the two will cross paths again next week when Terese chooses to pay her a visit in prison.

The two had a strained reunion during which they discuss everything that happened after the Lassiters explosion, with Terese hoping to find peace through the meeting. But Jesse, who was also meant to be there, is nowhere to be seen.

With Toadie dealing with the end of his romance with Mel, Rose does not hang about at making sure he knows she is still there, in the hope that they can finally become an official couple. Toadie’s heart is still with Melanie though, but when the two women meet again and things get tense, he jumps to Rose’s defence and further drives Mel away.

The tense moment gives Rose pause for thought that maybe things are too messy for them to be anything more than friends. Is Toadie about to be left with nobody?

Paul is well aware that if Terese learns that the Quill investment fell through because he provided the money to Nicolette, he will have significant problems with her. Paul seeks David’s assistance because he is one of the few people who knows the whole storey.

Paul realises that he wants Jesse to leave town so that he and Terese can focus on each other and his secret remains safe, so he asks David to try to persuade Jesse to leave town.

While David is doing it, he is plagued with remorse later. How much longer before Terese discovers the truth?

Harlow hasn’t been the most popular person around Lassiters in recent months — nepotism will do that – but rather than play nice and win people over, she considers throwing everyone under the bus for receiving an unapproved employment benefit.

Harlow discovers that the employees are given a free drink at the end of their shift and considers informing Paul and Terese. The only problem is that the drinks server is Roxy — will Harlow forsake her friend in order to advance?


Amy’s polyamorous relationship with Ned and Levi has raised a few eyebrows in Erinsborough and made some people uncomfortable, particularly Amy’s current housemate, Toadie.

Toadie is concerned about Nell, who has picked up on the unusual arrangement and is questioning them all, even drawing a picture of them all. Toadie isn’t happy because he asked Amy to keep it hidden from her. What will Amy’s plan be to get out of this one?

It’s Father’s Day in Erinsborough, and the original plan for Toadie was for him to do something special with the kids, which Melanie had organised, but that is clearly no longer the case.

Rose, on the other hand, is still eager to make the Rebecchi family’s day, and she swiftly organises a picnic for them all. Melanie, unfortunately, manages to catch them all together and concludes that he has finally moved on. Is this the last straw for Toadie and Melanie?

After her altercation with Toadie, Amy realises that her housing situation at number 30 is precarious, and she tells Levi about it. He jumps in to assist her in finding a solution.

Amy waits for Toadie to return home with cocktails in hand and tells him she has a solution to the situation, hoping to make amends with one of her longest friends. However, it is a solution that will result in significant adjustments. What does Amy have under her sleeve?


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