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10 soap spoilers this week: Coronation Street allegation, EastEnders diagnosis, Emmerdale farewell, Hollyoaks split

A number of revelations make for a shocking week in soapland

Much like every year, the soaps up the ante as we edge closer to the festive season, and this week takes things to a whole new level.

In Coronation Street, Daniel Osbourne discovers what Max Turner is capable of, while EastEnders’ Stuart Highway is shaken by his prognosis.

Hollyoaks’ Becky Quentin is back to her old tricks, while Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle makes a major decision in the wake of Liv Flaherty’s arrest.

Yes, it’s a week that will alter everything for many of our favourite soaps, and here are ten of the most exciting moments to anticipate!

Max makes a shocking allegation in Coronation Street

Max takes shocking action

Daisy’s small waist is admired by Amy and Asha as they go through her social media posts. Summer places her lunch on the table. Summer sways slightly when she admits to skipping lunch, but Daniel grabs her arm and holds it steady before sliding an energy bar into her bag. Max captures the deed on film and accuses Daniel of abusing his power over Summer, claiming to have proof. Summer is taken aside by Daniel, who informs her of Max’s claims. Summer is mortified and resolves to correct him. Summer, on the other hand, has no idea what she’s unleashed when she dismisses Max.

Summer assures Billy and Paul that Daniel is completely innocent in the wake of recent occurrences. Mrs. Crawshaw conducts interviews with Max and Daniel in order to learn the truth. Summer’s luggage contains a DVD and a poem, which Max shows her, while Daniel tells her that he has never acted inappropriately with a student. Mrs. Crawshaw is assured by Summer that Daniel has done nothing wrong. When she tells Paul about how she and Daniel had an emotional connection but he couldn’t act on it because of his position, he’s appalled, worried he’s grooming her.

Aaron struggles to support Liv in Emmerdale

Aaron struggles in the wake of Ben’s death, but can he support Liv?

Following Ben’s death, Aaron struggles to find the strength to defend Liv in court. He arrives at the same moment as Belle, Sam, and Vinny outside the court, but explains that he needs some time to gather his thoughts. Chas confides with Cain about her concerns, fearful that Aaron would flee.

Kim confronts Phil in EastEnders

Kim’s discovery changes everything, but can she and Denise ever get back on the same page? 

Kim confronts Phil, informing him she knows everything about how he threatened Howie and that Vincent is no longer alive! Meanwhile, Phil confesses to Kat that he did not murder Vincent. Kat encourages him to tell Kim everything, and he does, but warns her not to say anything since Aidan might get involved and make things worse.

Trouble for Becky and Ollie in Hollyoaks

Becky goes too far, and there are consequences as a result! 

The protest begins, and Becky resolves to take action, resorting to some do-it-yourself that leads her into serious trouble! When Ollie learns of his new friend’s predicament, he rushes to her aid. But he neglects to look after Luke’s father! Ollie has been dubbed Becky’s “hero,” but Luke has left without a trace.

Emma worries for Curtis in Coronation Street

Curtis makes a huge request

Curtis wants to train for the Three Peaks challenge to raise money for Oliver’s fund, but Emma worries about his health and offers to accompany him. Curtis, on the other hand, insists on going it alone. But there’s more to it than meets the eye, as the trainee doc quits the challenge and meets with a charity worker at the golf club to discuss his problem.

Passion for Manpreet and Charles in Emmerdale?

Manpreet and Charles grow closer 

Charles thanks Manpreet for her assistance with Ethan, and the two reminisce about happier times. Charles pulls away as Manpreet leans in for a kiss. He tells Manpreet that this isn’t the proper moment for them, and she recognizes that he is correct. She apologizes and walks away. Charles, on the other hand, returns her call and confesses that he has never stopped loving her!

Stuart opens up to Sonia in the wake of his diagnosis in EastEnders

Sonia supports Stuart after an upsetting discovery

Stuart is acting strangely as he receives a text from his doctor confirming his appointment. Sonia believes he isn’t himself. Stuart later visits to the doctor’s office, where he learns the truth, which astounds him. After a night of heavy drinking at The Vic, Sonia decides to drive him home. She offers him encouragement as he tells her everything – until he snaps.

The end for Damon and Liberty in Holly oaks?

Damon contemplates his future with Liberty

Damon is questioned by Sienna about his absence around the house after a night out with Scott. Damon is left wondering if Liberty would be better off without him after hearing her remarks.

Sarah has a revelation for Adam in Coronation Street

Sarah’s revelation leaves Adam with a big smile on his face

Sarah attends a meeting with client Gavin and his PA, but Lydia suspects Sarah is ill and wonders if she’s pregnant as they reach an agreement. Sarah later informs Adam that she believes she is pregnant, which makes Adam very happy.

Dawn is jealous of Meena and Billy in Emmerdale

Dawn is jealous over Meena and Billy’s relationship

Dawn is envious when Billy invites Meena away for a day to cheer her up.


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