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10 soap spoilers this week: Coronation Street lie exposed, Emmerdale child vanishing, EastEnders exit, Hollyoaks murder


In Coronation Street, Emma Brooker discovers the truth about Curtis Delamere, while in Emmerdale, Meena Jutla makes her own discovery, which might have tragic consequences for those involved!

Tiffany Butcher-Baker of EastEnders, meanwhile, is reminiscing about her emotions for Keegan, but is it too late for them?

The aftermath of Nate Denby’s inquiry continues in Hollyoaks, as the Deveruax / Faroe / Westwood clan is thrown into upheaval by the discovery of Lisa Loveday’s body.

It’s a week that will impact many people’s lives forever, and if you want a sneak peek at what’s in store, we’ve got you covered!

Emma discovers the truth about Curtis in Coronation Street

Emma brings Ruby to the hospital after she drinks one of Curtis’ medicines and recounts what occurred. Ruby is alright, according to the doctor, because the medication was merely a vitamin. Emma is perplexed, so she presses Curtis for answers. Curtis finally admits he’s not dying, telling how he initially pretended to be unwell when his parents were divorcing, enjoying the attention, but couldn’t stop once he’d started. Emma tells Curtis to pack his belongings, but she soon changes her mind.

Emma goes with Curtis to his psychologist session, and she listens as he describes how he spent years fooling others he was dying, relishing the attention he received. He reiterates his desire to improve, telling Emma that he loves her more than anything else. Meanwhile, Steve hands Curtis his bank card and urges him to transfer the £100,000 they raised to Oliver’s charity fund while inebriated.

Meena makes a discovery in Emmerdale

Meena is overjoyed when she is able to persuade Billy to let her move in for the holidays. Meanwhile, Dawn runs into Billy at the shop. They exchange a sorrowful smile before parting, clearly disappointed with how things have ended out. Meena is present for the conversation, but how will she react?

Tiffany argues with Keegan in EastEnders

Tiffany overhears Liam’s plans to return to Germany the next day, but her thoughts are interrupted by Keegan’s want to speak. They dispute about their relationship in the midst of the market until Aaron leads her away.

Lisa’s body is identified in Hollyoaks, and Martine is devastated

Toby is forced to make a severe decision after the body is identified as Lisa’s. Celeste, however, comes up with another plan, throwing Mitchell under the bus, before he can act on it. Martine is devastated to learn of Lisa’s death, but she refuses to believe Mitchell is to blame.

Summer struggles in Coronation Street

Summer tries to make amends with Daniel for what has occurred, but she is upset when he confesses that he is not permitted to speak with her. Daniel is shocked to discover the word “paedo” scribbled across the board at school. Summer, on the other hand, has a shabby appearance. Billy takes her to the Bistro for a lunch in an attempt to cheer her up. Summer, on the other hand, feels guilty after eating a burger.

Priya is overwhelmed in Emmerdale, as Amba gets left behind

Priya visits to the hospital and claims that her skin grafts are improving, desperate to end the excursions. However, she discovers that her eating issues are slowing down the healing process. She then makes an excuse to skip the carol concert with Amba, but she quickly regrets her decision and returns to the town hall. However, it all gets too much for her, and she flees – but not before leaving Amba behind!

Callum and Ben’s conversation with a handsome man takes quite the turn in EastEnders

Ben and Callum notice a handsome man in the market, and later see him at the Prince Albert. Callum asks him out for a drink, and the conversation takes an unexpected turn once they get to know each other.

Maxine takes action to free Warren in Hollyoaks


Maxine is determined to release Warren, so she turns to Katja, one of Fergus’ former employees, for assistance. Katja, on the other hand, is adamantly opposed to Warren’s cause! As a result, Maxine tries to guilt-trip her in the hopes of preventing an innocent guy from being sentenced to prison for a crime he did not commit.

Sarah questions Adam about newcomer Lydia in Coronation Street

Sarah meets up with a new friend, Lydia, who takes her son, Finn, with her. Lydia blushes when she introduces them to Adam, and she makes excuses and leaves, referring to the fact that she had a connection with him during university. Under Sarah’s careful eye, Adam admits to a long-ago connection with Lydia, explaining that he has no recollection of it. Sarah is irritated!

Al schemes in Emmerdale

Al agrees to Marlon’s Christmas drink promotion, but it’s evident that he has his own agenda! Soon after, he confirms that a blunder with the Christmas lunch promotion rewards diners to a complimentary bottle of champagne instead of the single glass that Marlon intended!


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