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11 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

Kim reveals Denise’s shameful secret next week on EastEnders, Stuart receives life-changing news, and Janine and Liam meet an unexpected new partner-in-crime.

Here are the 11 most important events coming up:

1. Kim discovers Denise’s betrayal


Kim Fox is still out for vengeance against Phil Mitchell for his role in the three-year-old death of her husband, Vincent.

Denise, Kim’s own sister, had known the truth about Vincent’s death for weeks, since since Phil gave her the shocking video footage.

Phil helped Denise restore ownership of Fox & Hair in exchange for her quiet.

Kim gets skeptical of Denise’s shifty behavior after questioning Phil about his one-time prison cellmate, Aidan Maguire, who organized for a hitman to shoot Vincent.

Denise ultimately makes a shocking confession, leaving Kim speechless…

2. Stuart gets life-changing news at the hospital

Stuart Highway has been in a bad mood lately. Rainie is fed up with him obsessing over a chest rash, but may Stuart, the funeral director, be right to be concerned about his health?

Stuart is thrown for a loop after receiving shocking news from the doctor after making a hospital appointment…

3. Jay exposes Janine and Liam’s car scam

When a Square Dealz customer accuses him of selling stolen cars at the auto lot and threatens to call the cops, Jay Brown is perplexed! What exactly is going on?

The automobile fraud is, of course, perpetrated by Janine Butcher and her naughty nephew Liam, the company’s newest employee. When Jay confronts Janine about her unlawful business practices, he is taken aback.

Jay is warned by Janine that if he involves the police, he will be in serious danger because his name is on the fraudulent documents…

4. Ben makes a discovery

When Ben Mitchell and his business partner Jay get a large phone bill, they are concerned.

The guys believe there is a blunder. Until Ben realizes that his daughter Lexi has been communicating with a friend and relative in Miami, Janet.


5. There’s drama at Denise’s hen party

The wedding of Denise and her fiancé Jack is only a few weeks away.

Kim throws Denise a hen party despite their falling out over the Phil/Vincent scenario. Kim, on the other hand, can’t get over her sister’s betrayal and the fact that she’s now using some of Phil’s hush money to send Kim’s daughter Pearl to a private school.

So when Kim overhears Kat Slater discussing Denise’s debt to Phil, she decides enough is enough…

6. Sonia tries to help Stuart

After a distressing hospital appointment, Stuart drowns his sorrows in the Vic.

Sonia discovers Stuart inebriated and offers to drive him home to Rainie.

An emotional experience Stuart tells Sonia about the incident at the hospital. Stuart, however, suddenly snaps when nurse Sonia tries to help him…

7. Liam plots another secret scam

Tiffany tells her brother Liam about a bunch of wealthy customers who will be partying at Ruby’s that night.

Liam had an epiphany about how he can use the posh nightclub party to his advantage.

8. Jay makes a surprise decision

After Jay rumbles the stolen car scam, Billy, Janine, and Liam are all in trouble.

When Jay announces that he wants in on the action, the car thieves are taken aback.

9. Aaron is furious over Dana’s decision

Aaron and his bigoted pals are still working hard to prevent the new mosque from opening in Albert Square.

Aaron is also hell-bent on ruining Dana’s relationship with Bobby, his sister’s lover who converted to Islam after serving time in prison.

Aaron is enraged when Dana confesses she is considering converting to Islam as well, after attempting to mess with Bobby’s head again over his religious beliefs…

10. Rainie confronts Stuart

After Stuart’s shocking confession, Sonia continues to support him, but he still can’t bring himself to tell Rainie the bad news.

Sonia agrees to accompany Stuart to his next hospital appointment instead, but Rainie spots them together on the way home from the hospital and demands to know what’s going on, it appears like the secret may have been revealed.

11. Mila faces a dilemma

Mila is enraged after Stacey and her wife Eve upset Mila’s adolescent sister Kioni by telling her about their experiences in prison.

Nyangi, Mila’s and Kioni’s mother, was arrested in the summer after attempting to force Kioni to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM).

Should Mila consider allowing Kioni to visit their mother in prison as Christmas approaches?


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