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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Home and Away is about to take its annual break on Channel 5, but the show is leaving us on a big cliffhanger as Dean is pushed to the edge over his son Jai.

Meanwhile, Tane brings trouble to Ziggy’s door after returning to his criminal ways.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments coming up.

Tane is caught up to no good

Since returning to his criminal ways, Tane kept a van full of stolen goods in the garage overnight. Before Ziggy notices, he attempts to get the vehicle moved, but this becomes difficult as his dodgy contacts go silent.

Tane tells Ziggy, wanting a cover story, that the van belongs to a client who has forgotten to pick it up again. However, when Ziggy returns to the garage after dark, Tane is caught out in his lies and overhears him making an incriminating phone call about the scenario.

Ziggy comes to Tane’s rescue

Ziggy is appalled by Tane’s behaviour and questions her choice to give him the garage job in the first place. Although this worrying situation could affect the garage, Ziggy opts not to tell Justin, who has taken a step away from the business to focus on his recovery.

Ziggy comes up with a temporary solution by letting Tane store the van at her place until he finds someone to take it off his hands. Tane is grateful for the help, but we’re left to wonder whether Ziggy will regret coming to his rescue.

Justin hears his treatment options

The tumour of Justin is rising again and Christian runs through his options for treatment. In the hope of extracting more of the tumor this time, he may undergo surgery, or go through a radiotherapy course to shrink it.

As he doesn’t want to keep going under the knife, Justin struggles to choose between either option, but he also knows that radiotherapy will be a longer and tougher operation.

As Justin later opts for radiotherapy, before Christian talks some sense into her, Tori rejects his decision.

 Jasmine worries about Tori and Christian

As Tori and Christian head out for dinner together, Tori takes the opportunity to quiz Christian about his past. He shares details of his previous marriage, explaining that he and his wife tied the knot young and ultimately wanted different things. Tori fears she has put Christian off with her questions when he later walks her home and doesn’t give her a goodnight kiss at the door.

The next morning, Tori and Christian try to talk through the mixed signals and mishaps they’ve faced in their relationship so far. Just when they sort things out, Jasmine sees Christian holding Grace and becomes concerned, fearing that Robbo will be replaced.

Jasmine reveals why she’s struggling

Tori asks what is going on as Jasmine continues to act coldly. Finally, Jasmine acknowledges that it was hard to watch Tori play with Christian’s happy families after the tragic death of Robbo.

As Justin hears about the remarks made by Jasmine, he fears that she is slipping back into old obsessive patterns. However, they manage to talk things over when Tori takes the time to speak to Jasmine.

Angelo finally discovers the truth

Angelo is growing deeply wary of the link between Colby and Taylor, convinced that something has happened between them. He’s worried when he sneaks a peek at Taylor’s phone to find that her entire call history has been erased, proving she has something to hide.

In order to obtain access to Taylor’s phone records, Angelo misuses his role in the police department. He’s devastated to see that in recent weeks she has regularly called Colby’s number — the affair is finally out.

Angelo starts to fight back

Although he doesn’t reveal what he knows, Angelo tries to rattle Taylor by telling her that Colby was definitely Ross’s killer. When Taylor meets up with Colby to discuss this, Angelo watches from afar and takes pictures of them kissing.

Later, Angelo gives Taylor a necklace as a gift and urges her never to take it off. Taylor doesn’t realise that it’s a covert bug, which Angelo uses to eavesdrop on her conversations with Colby.

Dean receives a threat

Dean continues his attempts to persuade Amber that Jai should be allowed to meet his mom, Karen. As Amber does not trust Karen enough to play any role in Jai’s life, this proves fruitless.

With Amber’s attitude towards co-parenting, Dean is beginning to get irritated, as she seems to want something on her terms. When things change, he threatens to take her to court.

This warning doesn’t go down well with Francesca, Amber’s aunt, who tries to warn Dean of the repercussions if he legally challenges her family.

 Tensions over Jai lead to a drastic decision

In the surf club, which almost sparks a war, Mac soon gets embroiled in the drama surrounding Jai’s future when she confronts Amber. Dean is still adamant in his determination to go through the legal system to secure an official agreement that infuriates Amber and her mother.

By giving Dean an envelope detailing his past convictions, Francesca stirs up the situation, trying to show that he has no chance in a custody fight. To discuss this, Dean heads off to Amber’s house but finds Jai all alone when Francesca was supposed to look after him. Dean makes a drastic decision and, without permission, takes Jai.

Nikau receives a tempting offer

Nikau gets an unexpected call from his aunt, Gemma, who reveals that she’s not going to return to Summer Bay anymore. She will stay in New Zealand instead, allowing her to be closer to her own mother, who is growing older now.

Gemma invites Nikau to come to New Zealand and live with her and he gives serious thought to the idea, which concerns his girlfriend Bella. Nikau also goes to Colby and asks for the lifting of the block on his passport, which would allow him to step forward.

Bella seeks to take a selfless approach, despite her initial concerns, by helping Nikau. Are they really going to be ripped apart?

Ari makes a surprising discovery

Ari is unaware that Nikau is considering leaving Summer Bay until he hears the news second-hand from Marilyn.

Ari is disappointed that Nikau hasn’t confided in him, but struggles to get in touch with him as he has gone away with Bella for a few days. How will Ari feel about a future in Summer Bay without Nikau there?



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