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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Mackenzie clashes with Chloe, while Christian and Tori’s future is under threat.

Next week on Home and Away, Mackenzie’s rivalry with Ryder and Chloe threatens to spiral out of control.

Elsewhere, Nikau’s new career takes an unsettling turn, while Christian makes a decision that devastates Tori.

Here’s a full collection of 12 big moments coming up

Ryder and Chloe’s rivalry with Mac hots up


Ryder and Chloe wind Mac up further by handing out flyers for their food truck on her turf at the Surf Club. Mac retaliates by drawing up her own flyers, which feature enticing offers for Salt’s customers.

When Ryder and Chloe get their lost permit, they return to Salt and park the vehicle outside. Mac raises the stakes by grabbing a megaphone and luring consumers away with yet another batch of extremely tempting incentives.

Ryder and Chloe are defeated until Chloe goes overboard by shrieking about a rat she claims to have spotted at Salt.

Mackenzie gets tough with Ryder and Chloe

When Ryder and Chloe park their new food truck outside Salt, setting themselves up as direct competitors, Mackenzie is enraged. When Mac points out that the young couple is missing a crucial permission, Ryder and Chloe are momentarily defeated and forced to relocate to the trailer park.

Despite this, Ryder and Chloe aren’t giving up and begin plotting their revenge against Mackenzie.

Justin begs Christian for help

Justin’s painkiller addiction persists, and he squabbles with Leah when she questions his mood swings. When Christian sees the brawl, he attempts to get Justin to be honest with him.

Justin informs Christian that he is suffering from chronic pain, and that his irritability is understandable given the situation. He begs Christian for a prescription, claiming that his current doctor has prescribed the incorrect medication.

Christian suggests a different approach, pointing out that Justin may need to come into the hospital for more tests.

Alf forces Ryder to be honest

Mac insists that there was no rat, but Chloe sticks to her false story. Alf encourages Mac to take the claim seriously, regardless of how dubious it seems.

Later, Alf informs Ryder that Mac had to close up for half a day and spend money to prove there was no rat. Ryder’s guilt is piqued, so he shocks Chloe by coming clean with Mac about their dirty tactics.

Christian’s latest adventure takes a shocking turn

Christian goes out to get his wedding suit in preparation for his journey to Melbourne for the ceremony. When he sees a billboard promoting skydives nearby, he changes his mind and goes inside for yet another spontaneous experience.

Christian joins up for skydiving, but Rachel, a fellow jumper, crashes onto the ground before he can take off. Christian assists in the treatment of Rachel on the scene and continues to supervise her care once she is transported to the Northern District Hospital.

Justin reacts badly to the news

Justin is stunned when he learns that Christian has pulled out of the wedding. Unable to control his temper, Justin smashes crockery from the dining table and rants at Christian.

Later, Leah is horrified to find Justin’s secret stash of painkillers.

Tori is left devastated


When Tori gets a call saying Christian hasn’t picked up his suit, she realizes something is wrong. With Christian preoccupied with Rachel’s case, it’s up to Jasmine to phone Tori and tell her where her soon-to-be husband is.

Tori goes to the hospital to try to find another neurosurgeon to take care of Rachel. Christian refuses and maintains that it must be him who saves Rachel, arguing that it was fate for him to be at the airfield.

Christian makes it clear that he’s choosing Rachel over the wedding. Tori is distraught as Christian insists they’ll need to postpone.

Justin denies his problem

Justin makes excuses for his secret stash of medication, but Leah doesn’t believe him. She opens up to Irene about the situation.

Later, Leah makes a comparison between Justin’s problems and Brody’s drug addiction. In response, Justin loses his temper and throws his prescription down the sink to demonstrate that he doesn’t have a problem. Justin, on the other hand, tries to recover the lost tablets while Leah’s back is turned.

John receives a shock

John confides in Stephen, another of Susie’s prior victims, and hires a private investigator to find her. He is, however, halted in his tracks when he receives a text message that appears to be from Susie.

John interprets this as a sign that Susie is remorseful and wants to make amends. Stephen, on the other hand, believes that the deceptive Susie can never be trusted. John considers reporting the information to the police, but Stephen persuades him to wait for now.

Tane gets a new job

When Alf takes a weird turn, Roo is concerned. Following Nikau’s choice to leave the bait shop employment, it’s evident that Alf is overworked. Tane offers to cover Alf until he can locate a more permanent replacement.

Tane, on the other hand, is given another chance when Mia discovers that he had previously approached Jasmine about working at the gym. Tane gets a new start as Mia chooses to give him a job.

Ziggy bears the brunt of Justin’s anger

Leah is questioned by Ziggy regarding Justin’s problems. Despite Leah’s refusal to divulge what’s going on, Ziggy senses that something is wrong.

The next day, Ziggy tries to speak with Justin, but he fires her angrily. Ziggy realizes she’ll have to look for a new work, but she’s discouraged by the prospect.

Nikau receives worrying advice

Allegra counsels Nikau about the difficulties of modeling, especially issues regarding body image. She admits to taking an appetite suppressor to help her lose weight.

Allegra gives Nikau a sample, explaining that it’s provided to her by a friend. Nikau insists that he has no intention of taking it, but in reality, he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to throw it away.


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