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14 huge EastEnders spoilers for Christmas episodes

It’s the most thrilling EastEnders spoiler roundup of the year, with all the latest news on the Christmas and New Year episodes.

From Chelsea’s major wedding problem to Phil’s shocking discovery, we’ve compiled a list of all the major talking topics from the Christmas special this Saturday (December 25) until New Year’s Eve next week.

1. Denise and Chelsea prepare for their weddings


As Chelsea and Denise prepare for their double wedding, Christmas Day has arrived in Walford, and everyone is smiling.

Chelsea and Jack, on the other hand, are nowhere to be seen as Gray and Denise wait for their respective partners at the chapel. One of the reasons for this is…

2. Whitney tells Chelsea the truth

Whitney is ready and motivated to carry out her plan of exposing Gray now that she has uncovered the truth about Chantelle’s death.

Whitney bravely tells Chelsea that Gray murdered Chantelle, knowing what she needs to do. What Chelsea hears astounds her, but will she trust Whitney or go ahead with the wedding?

3. Sharon causes a Christmas stir

When Sharon turns up at the Slaters’ for Christmas lunch, everyone is surprised, although Phil didn’t inform anyone. Awkward.

As Sharon and Phil reminisce about previous times throughout the day, Kat becomes increasingly irritated, until they realize the kids are missing…

4. Janine plans a Christmas surprise

The Vic is decked out for the holidays, and Janine is dressed as Mrs. Claus, determined to make Scarlett’s Christmas Day perfect.

Stacey is taken aback by what she sees as she peers out the window as Janine puts her plan into action. What exactly has Janine been up to this time?

5. Rainie faces temptation

Despite Sonia’s efforts to encourage Stuart to inform his wife the truth about Stuart’s cancer diagnosis after Christmas, Rainie remains unaware.

Rainie and Callum, concerned about Stuart’s recent behavior, try unsuccessfully to speak with him.

Rainie, who is feeling rejected, occupies herself by partying at The Albert, but what will she do when a lovely man sends her a drink?


6. Janine makes a discovery about Mick

Janine’s scheming will know no bounds this Christmas, as she vows to seduce Mick away from his absent wife Linda, as we’ve already reported.

Zack is involved in one of Janine’s (many) attempts to do this, as she encourages him to ask Nancy out.

Janine instantly figures out why Mick is having trouble when she watches him straining. Janine’s mind races when Billy discusses Linda’s alcoholism.

7. Dana makes a decision

Bobby and Dana want to do something special after the Christmas Day dramas.

Dana later informs Bobby that she wants to learn more about Islam and attend the Mosque in order to reaffirm her devotion to him.

While Dana continues her investigation with Bobby’s help, Harvey counsels Aaron.

8. Mick makes an announcement

Nancy is enraged at Janine for interfering with Zack’s relationship, but she is overjoyed when Mick makes a major announcement: he’s reuniting his family.

Mick tries to speak with Linda, desperate to make his wishes come true.

Later, Stuart inspires him to throw the perfect celebration for his family, but he quickly confides in Nancy about the troubles he’s covertly dealing with behind the scenes.

9. Stacey and Martin go head to head

Eve assists Stacey in obtaining a job interview for the position of new market inspector, despite the fact that her ex-husband Martin is also in the running.

When Stacey and Martin realize they’re both applying for the same job, the race is on to see who will be the best candidate.
Stacey is humiliated to discover that Eve has embellished her CV while she is being interrogated during her interview.

Stacey’s expectations are swiftly dashed as Ash comes up behind her and says something hurtful about her and Eve. Unfortunately, the job interviewer witnessed the entire affair, and Martin subsequently informs Sonia that he has been offered the position.

10. Phil faces a setback over Raymond

Denise has told Phil that he won’t be able to visit Raymond until after the New Year, which leaves Phil frustrated.

Phil is happy to be spending time with Raymond after all, thanks to Kat’s intervention, but things rapidly take an unexpected turn.

Sharon realizes Kat is hiding something about Phil when she invites them to The Albert later, but what has Kat discovered? What does this mean for Phil?

11. Nancy and Zack hatch a plan

Mick is overjoyed that his plan is coming together as Walford prepares to ring in the Fresh Year, unknowing that Janine has a new trick up her sleeve.

Nancy enjoys instructing Janine to begin packing and subsequently seeks encouragement from Zack to help lift Mick’s mood.

With the year 2022 only a few hours away, Zack and Nancy embark on a journey to try to solve the problem before midnight, but will their efforts be in vain?

12. Denise gives Phil a shock warning

Sharon, concerned for Phil’s safety, presses Kat for information, and she finally discloses the truth. Denise retaliates with a major warning for Phil once Phil overhears this and confronts her.

Sharon is concerned about what this could imply, as Kat is concerned about what this could mean. She believes Phil is up to something. What does he have in mind?

13. Nancy gives Mick an ultimatum

Tensions are at an all-time high in the Carter household as they deal with the fallout from New Year’s Eve.

Fed up, Nancy gives Mick an ultimatum, but what will he do?

14. Ash is left devastated over Suki

Over the holidays, Ash manages to impress Suki by standing up to the unpleasant combination of Stacey and Eve.

Unfortunately, the peace between mother and daughter is short-lived due to a remark by Eve, which leaves Ash saddened.


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