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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Tane gets more than he bargained for when he meets a new love interest on Home and Away next week.

In other news, Nikau abandons Bella once more, while Jasmine begins to mistrust Cash’s faithfulness.

Here’s a complete list of the 14 major events coming up.

When Justin receives a security alert about a possible burglar at the garage, he becomes concerned. When he arrives to investigate, he equips himself with a nearby tool, but is surprised to discover that John is the one doing the spying.

Cash, a new police officer, comes on the scene to assist, but immediately realises that the alarm was false. He’s enraged to find himself in the middle of a minor squabble, as Justin chastises John for interfering with the business.

The incident occurs as a result of John’s decision to purchase the garage, ensuring Justin’s continued occupancy. Unfortunately, early indications suggest John is going too far, so it’s unclear whether this new arrangement will work out.

Justin and Leah are ecstatic to learn that the money Susie took from them has been returned to them by the cops. Instead than relying on John, the couple decides to purchase the garage themselves.

John is irritated by the news, especially after making several bold ideas for the company’s future.

John, unwilling to back down, refuses to retract his garage offer and instead advises Justin and Leah to use their money to put down a deposit on a house.

Jasmine enjoyed her first date with Cash, but she’s disappointed that he hasn’t contacted her since. Jasmine screams to Irene and then phones Cash directly, accusing him of ghosting her in a voicemail message.

Jasmine makes it obvious that she doesn’t want to be messed with, and she’ll be cutting ties with Cash from now on.

Later, when Cash informs Jasmine that he doesn’t have her phone number, she is horrified. He also claims to have respected her boundaries after she agreed to only one date with him.

Cash is inundated with calls and texts from a lady named Felicity as he finally settles into a second date with Jasmine. When Jasmine sees Felicity’s name on Cash’s phone screen, she becomes concerned that he is dating someone else.

Cash abruptly ends the date with no explanation and sets out to find Felicity after receiving one too many messages. Jasmine’s suspicions of a love rival are unfounded, thankfully.

Felicity is Cash’s sister, and she is first seen rowing with their present neighbours at the house they share. The siblings make plans to move to the trailer park after Felicity informs them that they are being evicted.

Cash reconnects with Jasmine and apologises for disappointing her previously. When Jasmine inquires about Felicity, he reassures her that she is his sister, not a lover or a secret wife.

Cash confides in Jasmine about his problems with Felicity throughout the years. He reveals that Felicity has a history of erratic behaviour, which he attributes to the devastating loss of their parents when they were young.

Tane goes out partying to let off steam after his breakup with Ziggy. By chance, he catches Felicity’s eye, and the two develop an instant attraction as they drink and dance the night away.

Tane has no idea that Felicity has any ties to Cash, the cop with whom he’s had a tense relationship in recent weeks.

Tane returns to Felicity’s apartment after a fun evening and the two spend the night together.

Tane tries to sneak out of Felicity’s room the next morning, only to run into Cash, who is dressed in full police uniform. Felicity presents the men to one another, oblivious to the fact that they have previously met.

Tane then tells Ari about the scenario and admits that sleeping with Felicity may not have been the best decision because of his long-standing hate for cops.

Chloe is adamant about getting her and Ryder’s restaurant back on track. She determines that this time they can transport the meal directly to people’s doors, eliminating the need for a vehicle.

Because they require an industrial kitchen to prepare the meals, Chloe tells Ryder that Irene has agreed to let them use the Diner facilities after hours.

Chloe and Ryder are able to resurrect their firm by working till the early hours of the morning on successive days. When Chloe admits that she has been using the Diner’s kitchen without authorization, Ryder is taken aback.

Christian is concerned about Nikau’s distant mood when he is released from the hospital. Everyone expects Nikau’s situation would improve once he’s back in familiar territory, but being around Mia just makes things worse.

Nikau tells Mia that he is to blame for her miscarriage since she would not have been in the automobile accident if he hadn’t been driving so recklessly. Mia emphasises that Nikau was not to blame and that horrible things happen to good people, but Nikau continues to blame himself and sobs in her arms.

As he visits Bella and encourages her to quit contacting him, Nikau continues on his self-destructive path. Even though Bella is eager to forgive him for infidelity, he argues that he no longer loves her and does not want them to reunite.

When Ari notices Nikau’s behaviour, he tries to intercede, but his disturbed nephew loses his cool and requests to be left alone.

Bella returns to visit Nikau after receiving some counsel from Mackenzie and accepts his decision. She does tell Nikau, though, that he is about to lose the best thing that has ever happened to him, which has left him shaken as the reality of the situation settles in.

Tori and Christian are ready to get back on track with their wedding arrangements. When Tori contacts her brother Brody to see if he can reschedule the meeting, he explains that Simone is 12 weeks pregnant and he has to focus on her.

Tori is happy for her sibling, but she realises that she’ll have to rethink her plans. Tori and Christian are immediately enthralled by the prospect of starting over.

When Mackenzie and Logan cross paths near the shore, they flirt. She tries to get to know the new doctor in town, but he’s hesitant to talk about his past or his experience in Afghanistan.

Despite this, Logan expresses an interest in learning more about Mac and invites her out for a drink. Mac, much to everyone’s surprise, declines, stating that she is not yet ready for a new relationship.

Following the vehicle accident, Dean’s rehabilitation is set to begin. Dean is fearful of the long road to recovery because he has already been in a catastrophic accident and knows what to expect.

Dean dismisses Ziggy from the hospital, infuriating her by implying that he would wish to remove her. When Ziggy returns in time to observe Dean struggling with the physio’s instructions, he yells at her and urges her to leave – before kicking the therapist out as well.

Martha is still working on plans for a mental health-themed art fundraiser. Alf is encouraging, but he is concerned that Martha is jeopardising her mental health by pushing herself too hard.

In actuality, Alf is more worried about not spending enough time with his wife. When Martha decides to travel to Merimbula for a meeting with another artist, Alf steadfastly refuses to accompany her.


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