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15 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Daniel is shocked by severe allegations about his connection to Summer on Coronation Street next week.

In other news, Michael is shocked twice more by Grace, and Hashim’s reign of terror may be coming to an end.

Here’s a complete list of the 15 major events coming up.

1. Max continues to get the wrong idea


Max begins the week certain that Daniel and Summer are having an illicit relationship. Summer becomes shaky on her feet after skipping lunch, and Daniel holds her arm to help her get back on her feet. Max is filming the discussion from a distance.

Summer’s purse is slipped with an energy bar by a concerned Daniel, which is caught on camera by Max. Max then searches Summer’s luggage to see what Daniel has hidden inside. When he comes across a love poem that Daniel penned for Summer as part of her studies, he gets the incorrect notion once more.

2. Max goes public with his suspicions

Later, at the Ice Ball, Max confronts Daniel, accusing him of abusing his position with Summer. When Max claims to have proof to back up his accusations, Daniel is taken aback.

Summer is alerted to what Max is saying by Daniel, and she intervenes to try to stop him. With Summer mocking Max, he resolves to lash out at the Ice Ball in a public rage.

3. Paul suspects Daniel is guilty

Because the school is involved in Max’s charges, he, Daniel, and Summer must all be interviewed. Max presents his “proof,” but Daniel maintains that he has done nothing wrong. Summer also attempts to cleanse Daniel’s name by emphasising that nothing is wrong.

Summer, on the other hand, later tells Paul that she felt an emotional connection with Daniel. Summer clumsily explains that nothing can happen because of Daniel’s position at the school, but Paul is terrified and suspects that Daniel is grooming her.

4. Daniel’s problems get worse

Summer is questioned by an officer after Paul believes it’s time to approach the authorities in this problem. Summer confesses that she was not the mysterious person who Daniel had lately in his flat when the police inquires about her.

Summer chastises Paul for involving the cops, then tells Daisy that she has a crush on Daniel but that he has done nothing wrong. Is Daisy the one who can help Daniel get out of this mess?

5. The tables turn on Max

Summer confronts Max for making so much difficulty after the dust settles after the interviews with the school and the police.

Max must then attend a meeting with the deputy head to explain why he hit Daniel during the recent tensions. The troubled adolescent says that he doesn’t regret anything, but that he wishes he had gone further.

Mrs Cranshaw believes it’s time to recommend Max be permanently expelled, a decision David immediately blames on Daniel.

6. Fiz struggles to get along with Phill’s mother


Phill is throwing a birthday party, but his mother Mimi is in charge of the preparations. This includes getting Fiz and the girls some awful clothes.

Fizz quickly loses tolerance with Mimi’s intrusive presence on the street, but when she expresses her concerns to Phil, he dismisses her concerns.

When Tyrone informs Fizz that Phil has planned a surprise Christmas vacation for her, Hope, and Ruby, she feels a little better. Fizz, on the other hand, is unable to let go of the Mimi issue and expresses her feelings to Phil.

7. Tyrone jumps in to defend Fiz

Mimi discloses at the party that her surprise gift for Phill is the announcement that she would be relocating to Weatherfield. Fiz is enraged because she knows she can’t take much more of Mimi.

Tyrone notices how much Fiz is hurting, so he pulls Mimi aside and tells her the truth about her behaviour. Tyrone believes Phill is the luckiest guy alive to have Fiz as his girlfriend, despite their own recent breakup.

Tyrone and Mimi return to the party and discover that Mimi’s microphone has been left on throughout their conversation. How much of what was said was heard by everyone?

8. Fiz and Phill suffer a new setback

Phil has been staying with Fizz while his boiler has been broken, but now he learns that it has been repaired.

While Phil wants his connection with Fizz to continue to develop, she tells him it’s time for him to return home. Phil tries hard to mask his dismay.

9. Emma is fooled by more of Curtis’s lies

Curtis is lying to Emma about his health, and Emma is completely unaware of it. He also deceives her by claiming to be training for the Three Peaks Challenge in order to generate more money for Oliver’s fund.

Emma is concerned about the training’s impact on Curtis’s alleged heart problem. She offers that they do the challenge together so that she can keep an eye on him, but Curtis insists on going it alone.

Curtis seems to leave for the Three Peaks later in the week, but instead meets up with a charity worker and gives a talk at the local golf club about his “sickness.” He makes it obvious that he has no intention of completing the Three Peaks challenge in its entirety.

10. Michael tries to stop Grace from leaving

Grace has decided she no longer wants Glory, according to Ed and Aggie.

Michael can’t believe what he’s hearing and rushes to the tram stop, pleading with Grace not to abandon Glory. Will she, however, be willing to listen?

11. Michael faces further revelations

When Bernie subsequently informs Michael that Grace recently left Glory home alone, Michael is taken aback. Bernie adds that she told Aggie about it, so Michael is perplexed as to why this is the first time he’s heard about it.

Michael confronts Aggie, accusing her of taking advantage of the circumstances to get Grace to sign an agreement concerning Glory’s future. Will Aggie and Ed be able to explain everything that has happened recently?

12. The Nazirs come under suspicion

Zeedan manages to recover Hashim’s filthy money as a result of the Speed Daal fire. He then informs Alya that all they have to do now is sit tight and wait for the insurance money, which makes her feel terrible.

Later in the week, Kelly overhears Yasmeen discussing the future of the company with Elaine, who wants to sell her share once the insurance money arrives. Kelly accuses the Nazir family of setting fire to the restaurant in order to defraud the insurance company.

13. Hashmi is rushed to hospital

The police are also taking an interest in the hypothesis that Speed Deal was set ablaze on purpose. When they ask to inspect the business finances, Ayla becomes frightened, while Yasmeen is interviewed at the station.

While Yasmeen is being interrogated, Hashim pays a visit to her home and threatens Zeedan once more. The fight, however, takes an unexpected turn as Hashim clutches his chest and collapses.

We can’t say what happened after Zeeman calls for an ambulance, but he subsequently tells the cops that Hashmi admitted to lighting the fire with the goal of killing him. Is this actually what happened?

14. Steve feels torn between his daughters

After earning an amazing set of projected marks, Amy decides to pursue a degree in business at university. However, Steve warns Tracy that paying the fees and lodging may be difficult because he has already promised Emma the proceeds from their flat sale to help her pay for her wedding.

Steve hesitantly advises to Emma that she postpone her wedding so that she can help Amy pay for her studies. Amy, on the other hand, overhears and declares that she is content to attend a local institution and live at home. But what will Tracy think of this?

15. Sarah reveals she might be pregnant

Sarah attends a meeting with Underworld client Gavin and his PA Lydia, who is played by Rebecca Ryan, who previously appeared in Waterloo Road and Casualty. Lydia notices Sarah isn’t herself and worries whether she’s pregnant.

Sarah informs Adam that she might be having a child, and he is ecstatic.


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