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15 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Dean struggles with Mac’s behaviour, Nikau worries his loved ones, and Tori faces more heartache.

Next week on Home and Away, Mac’s downward spiral pushes Dean to breaking point.

Elsewhere, Nikau develops body image issues as a consequence of his new job, while Tori starts to lose faith in her future with Christian.

Here’s a full collection of 15 big moments coming up.

Dean makes a plea to Mac

After deciding to collaborate with Bella for an upcoming photography exhibition, Emmett begins to spend more time in Summer Bay. Bella is ecstatic about the possibility, but she is disappointed when Emmett is sidetracked by his romantic feelings for Mac.

When Dean discovers Mac and Emmett sneaking out of the back room at Salt after a rendezvous, he feels awful for Bella and becomes irritated.

The casual couple end up spending the night together, but Dean urges Mac to stay away from Emmett for Bella’s sake. There’s no reasoning with Mac, who firmly refuses.

 Emmett is warned off by Dean

Mac switches tactics after refusing to listen to Dean and attempting to communicate with Emmett instead. Dean cautions Emmett to avoid Mac, but tries to persuade him that this is also in Bella’s best interests.

Emmett decides that he doesn’t need this hassle in his life, so he tells Mac that their fling is over. Mac is furious and starts an argument with Dean when she realises that he was responsible.

Mac’s behaviour has further consequences

When Dean receives a call from Amber, she requests that he look after their son Jai for a few days while she attends a course. Mac refuses to give up her room to Jai and continues to bring random boys back to the apartment, making living at home difficult.

Dean realizes that this is not an appropriate place for a child and instead opts to stay at Amber’s. In his absence, he pushes Mac to modify her ways and asks Ari to keep an eye on her. When Ari goes to see Mac and tells him that she is looking out for him as a friend, he advises her to back off.

 Roo wants to help Alf

After a dizzy spell, Roo is worried about Alf, but he finds her fussing irritating and urges her to stop. Roo, who isn’t easily deterred, confides in Marilyn about her fears and even contemplates limiting her school hours in order to devote more time to Alf.

As Alf has so many different responsibilities around the Bay to juggle, Marilyn tries to make him see that there’s no harm in receiving help from Roo. Alf finally concedes and tells Roo that he’ll accept her assistance if she’s still offering it.

Nikau steps in as Roo faces a rocky start

Roo is taken aback when she realizes that running the bait shop isn’t as simple as she had imagined. Nikau, who recently left his position there to focus on his modeling career, offers her assistance.

Roo doesn’t want Alf to know that she has encountered problems already, so she swears Nikau to secrecy.

Later in the week, Roo worries further as the bait shop is receiving more work than she’d expected, leaving her with a big list of things to do. However, she’s still determined that Alf shouldn’t know she’s struggling.

Nikau starts lying about food

Home and Away lines up worrying new direction for Nikau Parata’s modelling storyEdit | 

After a talk with Allegra about the problems of the modeling industry, Nikau is thinking about his body image. Bella is concerned when she discovers an appetite suppressant in Nikau’s top pocket. Allegra gave it to Nikau, he adds, but he has no intention of accepting it.

Bella is relieved and suggests Nikau should throw it out, but Nikau appears to have other ideas as he secretly re-pockets it again.

Later, Nikau starts skipping meals and lying about having already eaten.

Nikau heads down a worrying path

Nikau also begins going to the gym in try to bulk up, much to his family’s amazement. Bella is similarly disturbed by Nikau’s preference for the gym over her, and when she presses him to do anything else, he shouts at her.

Later, Emmett arrives at the Parata house for a chat with Bella about their upcoming exhibition. He brings takeaway and Nikau makes himself scarce in his bedroom while the pair talk.

While alone, Nikau faces a decision between his portion of takeaway food or the appetite suppressant that he still secretly has in his possession.

Tane gives Nikau some advice

Nikau’s concerns are exacerbated when Sienna shows him photos of muscular male models. She denies pressuring Nikau to change his appearance, but she does acknowledge that they need to know what they’re up against.

Later, Nikau seeks guidance from his hulking uncle Tane on how to get bigger. Tane lets Nikau down by saying that he’ll have to put in a lot of effort over a lengthy period of time before seeing any substantial benefits.

Tane worries when Nikau asks if there are any shortcuts to hurry things along. He also orders Nikau to take rest days in between gym visits. Nikau ignores this and continues to push himself hard with regular workouts each day.

Christian prioritises Rachel over Tori

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Jasmine is questioned by Christian about why he wasn’t notified of a tiny change in Rachel’s condition. He is adamant that he wants to keep a close eye on Rachel’s improvement.

Tori later asks Christian if they can meet for lunch to discuss their postponed wedding preparations. Tori is enraged when she discovers Christian bonding with Rachel at her hospital bedside since he’s preoccupied at work.

Tori struggles to understand Christian’s fascination with Rachel and why he has put their lives on hold just for her. Losing patience, Tori tells Christian to let her know when he has finally figured things out.

Christian’s revelation shocks Rachel

Rachel also puts Christian on the spot by questioning why he decided to postpone his wedding for her. Christian tells Rachel that he believes he survived his own near-death experience because he was meant to save her after the skydiving disaster.

Rachel is taken aback by this, and Christian is apprehensive that he may have crossed professional lines. Christian offers to turn Rachel’s case over to another doctor, but after some thought, Rachel decides she doesn’t want anybody else.

Justin lies to Ziggy

Justin fired Ziggy for no obvious reason, and Ziggy is still struggling. Ziggy is advised by Leah to seek out Justin to see if he has changed his mind, but Ziggy mistakenly chooses a tough time when Justin is anxious about his short painkiller supply.

Justin refuses to give Ziggy her job back, claiming that he has every justification to terminate her. Justin deceives Ziggy by claiming that she made mistakes and that he had complaints from customers about her installing the wrong parts in their automobiles.

Ziggy finally gives up on her mission and her self-confidence has taken a severe knock.

Justin collapses

Justin takes delivery of a new supply of painkillers that he ordered online. He continues to take too many pills, still in the grip of a serious addiction.

Later, Leah is horrified to arrive at the garage and find Justin unconscious. She rushes to call an ambulance.

John, Leah and Stephen make a plan

Home and Away’s John Palmer arranges a meeting with Susie McAllister

After John receives text messages claiming to be from Susie, John, Leah, and Stephen meet to discuss their future steps. The SMS were sent using a burner phone, according to a private investigator, and hence were untraceable.

John, Leah, and Stephen agree to respond with a note to Susie, requesting a meeting. Susie falls for the bait and agrees to meet with John the next day. When the meeting takes place, Leah and Stephen plan to be on the lookout from a nearby vantage point.

John is left disappointed

John turns up for the meeting with Susie, but she’s nowhere to be seen. Leah and Stephen are also disappointed as they watch on from their hideout.

John, Leah, and Stephen return to the Diner after reluctantly abandoning their assignment. “I thought it was just going to be you and me,” John receives another text message. John texts back, pleading for another chance without confiding in Leah or Stephen.

Ryder finds a pregnancy test

Ryder takes a shower in the Paratas’ bathroom after spending the night with Chloe. He’s shocked to find a pregnancy test and assumes that Chloe must have bought it.

Ryder’s mood immediately changes and when Chloe calls him out on it, he comes clean about spotting the test. Chloe confirms that the test isn’t hers. Ari overhears the conversation and realizes that he and Mia may have to inform Chloe about their decision to try for a baby.


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