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18 huge Coronation Street spoilers for Christmas episodes


The Christmas episodes of Coronation Street are approaching, and we’ve got all the details in our festive round-up.

More turmoil for Fiz and Tyrone, new tensions over Kelly’s return to the Street – and, surprise, some joy and gladness thrown in for good measure – are all on the way.

Here’s a complete list of the 18 major events coming up.

1. Tyrone makes a big mistake on Christmas Day

Tyrone makes a fishcake meal for two with Evelyn, bracing himself for a dreadful Christmas. Fiz arrives soon after with Hope and Ruby, explaining that they’ve decided to cancel their vacation with Phill.

Tyrone is overjoyed by the news, but he now has to spend the day with Phill.

Christmas Day takes a few unexpected turns, with mini-dramas involving a rescued pigeon and Phill’s visit to his demanding mother, Mimi.

Tyrone also tries to kiss Fiz, caught up in the moment after a few too many beers. When Phill discovers what has transpired, Fiz corrects Tyrone, and the two men in her life engage in a comic brawl.

2. Nina confides in Carla

Nina spends the first few days of Christmas alone in the café, still suffering from anxiety as the events of the previous year take their toll.

Carla shows in and gives Nina a surprise present, which brightens her day. Nina confides in Carla by admitting that she is in a lot of pain.

3. The Platts and Barlows spend Christmas together

As their squabbling families prepare to spend Christmas Day together, Sarah and Adam fear tragedy. Audrey reverts to opening a bottle of wine at breakfast, but Gail insists on not doing anything this year.

David is clearly dissatisfied with the way the day is going, while Peter and Carla take their unhappiness to the next level by doing a runner.

Sarah, the one who proposed the joint get-together, is irritated that their families haven’t made things simple for them. After everyone has departed, Adam, relieved, informs Sarah that their real Christmas can now begin.

4. Eileen gets a nasty surprise

George is set on giving Eileen a one-of-a-kind Christmas present. He blindfolds her and leads her to the undertakers, where the surprise gift is revealed.

Eileen is unimpressed with his choice of gesture, which strains her relationship with George once more.


5. Jenny is touched by Daisy’s efforts

Nick, Leanne, Sam, Daisy, Emma, George, Todd, Bernie, Dev, and Ed later have some festive fun at the pop-up Rovers pub.

The piano from the pub is hauled over to the Christmas market, and Billy entertains everyone by singing a song. Daisy is congratulated by Jenny, who praises her for organizing such a wonderful Christmas for everyone.

6. Abi makes Kelly feel unwelcome

Kelly’s presence on Coronation Street continues to cause Abi problems. She’s enraged to see Kelly enjoying a dinner at the Bistro with Dev and Aadi, so she sits nearby and watches with a hateful expression.

Kelly is concerned by Abi’s demeanor, while Dev informs Kevin about the situation. Kevin tries to get Abi to stop terrorizing Kelly, but she refuses.

7. Imran and Abi clash over Kelly

Later, Abi tries to sabotage Kelly’s new employment at the barbershop by blocking her way when she arrives for work. Imran notices this, and Abi says that she simply wants Kelly to leave her life.

Imran tries to persuade Abi by pointing out that she has committed some heinous acts in the past. Abi slaps him across the face because he isn’t happy.

8. Kelly hits rock bottom again

When Maria wonders why Kelly didn’t show up for her barbershop shift, Kelly is disappointed. Kelly pretends that she couldn’t be bothered rather than explain what happened with Abi. Maria retaliates by dismissing her.

Kelly resorts to taking spice once more, and Craig discovers her in a bad mood. He advises her to get professional therapy before returning to prison.

9. Kelly and Abi attend the same support group

When Aadi tells Abi that Kelly has returned to drugs as a result of their recent difficulties, it gives her pause. They eventually find themselves in the same support group.

Kelly tells the others about her problematic upbringing and how she has done some bad things in the past, while Abi observes with disdain. Abi, on the other hand, eventually begins to relate to Kelly’s words and begins to share her own soul with the group.

10. Things start to look up for Kelly

Gary is eager to assist Kelly, so he recommends to Maria that they provide her with a place to stay. While viewers must wait to see if Maria agrees, she does offer the teen her previous job back.

Meanwhile, Kevin tries one more time to persuade Abi to put her feud with Kelly to rest.

11. Sam breaks his silence

Sam lends a hand to Hope as she tries out the walkie-talkies she received for Christmas. He communicates with Hope via the device for the first time since witnessing Natasha’s body in the funeral parlor.

Nick is happy with this evidence of improvement, but he is concerned that if Sam discovers him eavesdropping, his kid would be sent back to square one.

12. Asha has an idea to help Nina

Nina tells Asha about her nervousness and how she’s dealing with it. She says she’s always afraid that something horrible will happen to the people she cares about.

To prevent this, Asha suggests that they sync their phones so Nina always knows where she is.

When Asha sees Nina suffering an anxiety attack at the café later in the week, she does her utmost to reassure her.

13. George tries to make amends

Eileen is enraged even more when she learns that Gail was the one who suggested the strange Christmas present to George. She calls Gail “deranged” for her present selection, but Gail believes she is being ungrateful.

Todd joins in by pleading with Eileen to give George another opportunity. George tries to earn Eileen’s trust by giving her nicer gifts, such as a new winter coat and a supper at the Bistro.

14. Tyrone predicts a reunion with Fiz

Following the Christmas Day mix-up, Tyrone manages to reach an uneasy truce with Phill and Fiz.

Tyrone believes that once Phill is alone with Evelyn, he will become tired of being the happy family man. He claims he’ll be waiting for Fiz if this happens. Evelyn is taken aback by his bravado and believes he is delusional.

15. Tyrone and Fiz clash over the future

Fiz and Phill’s bond deepens when she agrees that the girls can refer to him as “stepdad.” Phill also advises that they get their own apartment, since he has discovered a wonderful family home.

Later, Fiz informs Tyrone that she wishes to sell Number 9. Tyrone is taken aback and declares that the house is legitimately his and that he will not be selling it.

Evelyn reminds Tyrone that it is his responsibility to do the right thing for the kids after hearing Fiz’s version of the tale. Will Tyrone be persuaded to change his mind?

16. Jenny is unsure over Leo

Leo reappears at The Rovers and invites Jenny out for a drink. Jenny is hesitant to commit to anything since she believes Leo is too young for her, but Daisy advises her to ignore the age gap and enjoy herself.

Jenny’s insecurities reemerge, despite Leo’s decision to stay at The Rovers. Daisy discovers her putting on make-up at 5 a.m. so that Leo does not see her without it.

Jenny becomes even more concerned about the age gap when she overhears Leo talking eagerly about his New Year’s Eve plans. Will Jenny be the only one to ring in 2022?

17. Lydia becomes annoyed over Adam

Sarah is grateful that she and Lydia are still friends, and she appreciates Lydia for not letting her “meaningless flirtation” with Adam ruin their friendship.

Lydia is irritated when she realizes these are Adam’s statements. She seemed to have a totally different perspective on their connection.

18. Adam messes up on New Year’s Eve

Adam impresses Sarah by inviting her to spend New Year’s Eve with him at a nice hotel. When they arrive, though, the waiter throws Adam into the mix by claiming that he forgot his wallet the previous time he was there.

Sarah notices that Adam has taken her to the same hotel where he slept with Carla last year, and she questions why he would be so careless. Sarah also uses the chance to interrogate Adam about his prior affair with Lydia, further destabilizing the environment.


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