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20 huge Emmerdale spoilers for Christmas episodes

A fatal fire rages through The Woolpack, and serial killer Meena threatens to claim another victim, making this a Christmas Emmerdale residents will never forget.

In other news, Vinny embarks on a perilous search for clues to prove who killed Ben, while two couples look forward to the future following significant proposals.

Here’s a complete list of 20 things to look out for.

1. A flash to the future


The hour-long seasonal edition of Emmerdale begins with a glimpse into the future, as the villagers celebrate Christmas Day with a thin sprinkling of what appears to be snow.

However, not everything is as it seems, as the show quickly jumps back six hours to the beginning of the day to reveal the truth.

2. Al feels the pressure

After getting beaten up by a thug who works for his business partner Gavin, Al is struggling. The pressure to complete the sale of The Woolpack and convert the building into luxury flats has never been higher.

As Al contemplates the pub, he devises a strategy that he feels will get him out of this nightmare.

3. A fire rips through The Woolpack

Emmerdale executives have announced that on Christmas Day, a hazardous fire would be started at The Woolpack, resulting in a massive explosion.

At this point, little is known about the dramatic stunt scenes, leaving fans to worry whether Al’s plans would go up in smoke or if the fire will work in his favor.

4. Kim has a shock for Will

Kim brings Will to the Home Farm grounds to visit DI Malone’s secret burial. Will is concerned that Kim is aware of his covert romantic relationship with Bernice, and he wonders whether this is part of a revenge plot.

Kim adds that she has arranged for Malone’s body to be taken from Home Farm, which is fortunate for Will. This means that, as a result of the murder, Will is no longer bound to Kim and can choose whether or not to stay with her.

5. Will makes a big decision


Kim’s heinous act coincides with Bernice’s request that Will choose who he wants to be with.

Will is deeply moved by Kim’s efforts, and he replies by making his own significant decision and proposing to her. But how will Bernice respond once she realizes she’s been defeated?

6. Manpreet catches Meena making a malicious phone call

Meena vows to exact vengeance on Dawn since she is irritated that Billy has reconciled with her. She makes a fraudulent call to social services in order to make it appear that Dawn is neglecting Lucas. Manpreet notices Meena doing something wrong and intervenes by disconnecting the phone call.

Meena defends herself in front of Manpreet by claiming genuine care for Lucas’s well-being. Manpreet softens her stance toward her sister, but it’s evident that she didn’t believe a word of it once Meena had left.

7. Manpreet makes another discovery

Meena escalates her nefarious behavior by plotting to plant heroin at Dawn’s residence. Dawn is well aware that she may lose custody of Lucas as a result of this.

For the second time, Manpreet catches Meena in the act. Manpreet grabs Meena’s arm as she tries to flee, and the heroin falls to the floor.

8. Meena considers striking again

Manpreet is fed up with Meena’s antics and accuses her of lying about being pregnant with Billy’s child. If her sister is telling the truth, she is urged to present proof.

Manpreet then escalates her charges by implying that Carol may be correct in her assessment of Meena’s role in Nadine’s death.

Meena determines that she might need to intimidate Manpreet, so she stalks her with a shattered bottle. Is she planning to murder her own sister?

9. Sam tries to reunite with Lydia

After Lydia’s recent estrangement, Sam plans the perfect Christmas Day for her.

Sam is ecstatic about his kind present, but Emmerdale viewers will have to wait and see if it’s enough to win Lydia back.

10. Bob and Marlon make a plan

April and Cathy haven’t spoken since the bullying incidents earlier this year, and Bob and Marlon are both concerned.

On Christmas Day, they devise a plan to reintroduce the girls, hoping that the magic of the season will bring them back together.

11. Harriet shares her big news

Harriet leads the Christmas Day church service, but Charles is taken aback when she announces that it is her final commitment to the church.

Harriet subsequently takes off her dog collar, preparing for a new life now that she has decided to return to the police force.

12. Liam faces an emotional time

Christmas is a difficult occasion for Liam, as it’s his first one without his daughter Leanna following her tragic death in the summer.

Liam tries his best to push past the pain for the sake of Christmas.

13. Billy proposes

Despite Meena’s strenuous attempts to entice him away from Dawn, Billy remains entirely loyal to her.

Billy proposes to Dawn on New Year’s Eve, and the couple is looking forward to a bright future together.

14. Ellis is caught between Priya and Belle

Ellis invites Belle and Kyle to join him on an outing. Belle feels this means she’s on the verge of reconnecting with Ellis.

As they spend time in the forest together, Belle leans in for a kiss with Ellis, but they’re interrupted when Ellis receives a call from Priya.

Ellis determines that he needs to go to Priya as soon as possible, so he abandons Belle and Kyle. Priya, on the other hand, is already regretting calling Ellis by the time Ellis catches up with her.

Priya accuses Ellis of wasting his time, but the tense interaction drives her to break down as her anxiety overwhelms her.

15. Belle and Kyle face serious danger

When Kyle has a twisted ankle, Belle is terrified about being left alone in the jungle with him. She decides it’s time to go home, but she realizes she gave Ellis her vehicle keys and he didn’t return them before he left.

Because Kyle is freezing due to the weather, Belle must smash her own car window to get him inside and warm him up. Belle’s phone has a weak signal and limited battery, making it difficult for her to address this terrifying predicament.

Before her phone dies completely, Belle manages to leave a desperate voicemail for Ellis. With a frigid night ahead of them, Belle and Kyle are knocked out quickly.

16. Ellis is in danger

While we can’t give away exactly what happens next, Cain is furious when he finds out about his son being in danger.

Cain has revenge on his mind as he heads over to confront Ellis, but what will he do?

17. Vinny gets a new clue

Before he was slain, Billy tells Vinny that Ben was skeptical of the circumstances of the survival adventure challenge.

Vinny decides to follow up where he left off by digging for the incriminating body cam footage after learning that Ben believed some of the incidents weren’t accidents.

18. Charity receives a shock

Charity and Mack have a relaxing Christmas together, but Ryan feels like a third wheel as they lounge around on the sofa half-dressed.

Mack is disappointed when he tells Charity that he loves her and she is unable to reciprocate. Charity eventually admits that she loves Mack, but a new shock could turn everything back on its head.

19. Nate has a difficult time ahead

Nate and Tracy’s relationship is on the mend, and they’ve even agreed to set a wedding date.

Nate’s world, however, is soon turned upside down. Could this have anything to do with the great secret he’s still keeping?

20. Jai receives an important call

Following the bridge collapse, Jai has spent the last few weeks worrying about the HOP’s future.

Will it be good or terrible news when Jai gets a call from the company’s lawyers?


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