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7 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes

In Australia, Home and Away aired a highly dramatic week of episodes, with Colby Thorne eventually facing arrest following his comeuppance thanks to “Witness X” and his loved ones all left in chaos.

The Parata family, meanwhile, faced some deadly enemies with a nail-biting stand-off, and the issue is far from resolved.

After the most recent Summer Bay drama, here are seven big questions we’ve been left with.

Will Jasmine become a mum?


This week, Home and Away hinted at Jasmine’s shocking new plot as she confided in Irene about her desire to become a mother. She explained that by coming up with a co-parenting plan and having a baby with a mate, she would like to follow in Tori’s footsteps.

Jasmine made plans to approach Colby with the proposal, full of enthusiasm about how he’s one of the best guys she knows, not messing around. Rather awkwardly, when Colby was publicly arrested for murder before she got a chance to ask him, this all turned sour. Back to the board of drawings …

Does it seem that Jas will just have to rethink her options a little with Colby’s future now looking grim, but is it necessarily the last one we’ll hear about her dreams of motherhood?

What has Witness X told Angelo?

In the long-awaited scenes, Angelo finally went ahead and arrested Colby for the murder of Ross. Colby declined to answer any questions, but based on the facts that Angelo already had, he was officially charged.

The main turning point in the case seemed to be the statement of Witness X, but by the end of the week, the mystery of the identity of this person had not been resolved. Angelo did not even disclose precisely what this individual had shared.

Angelo’s police force supervisors alerted him that the proof presented by Witness X was circumstantial and would not actually be the exciting breakthrough he required. Perhaps this might point to someone who knows the guilt of Colby, but who wasn’t there to see it unfold with their own eyes, like Bella, Nikau, Willow, or Ziggy.

The mystery remains for now …

How much danger are the Parata family in?

For the Parata family, it was a rough week as Tane missed his deadline to pay back his criminal contacts for some drugs he’d lost. Tane faced demands for $25,000 as compensation but failed to come up with the payment demanded on time.

Leon and his heavy men came to the Parata house and tried to intimidate Tane, leading to the battle, but when Ryder wisely called the police, all the brawlers were arrested.

There was honor among the criminals at the police station, as the Paratas and their rivals all made bogus reasons for battling to get themselves out of trouble. Tane was warned that the grudge was far from settled until they were released without charge, however.

Tane and Ari were certain that they would be back with their enemies and both decided that they could not afford to relax. And with Nikau now deciding to remain with Bella in the Bay, he may be on the firing line as well.

Is Colby in danger?

By warning Colby that he may not be released on bail, Ngelo ended the week. As a possible flight risk, he plans to paint Colby, which would mean he is locked up on remand ahead of his trial.

Upon hearing this news, Colby worried, recognizing that a policeman would be a big target for prison abuse and intimidation. Unsurprisingly, Angelo wasn’t excessively sympathetic after weeks of animosity.


Similar concerns for Colby’s safety were expressed by Dean, also asking whether he should hand himself in to be there to protect him. Might Colby be on the verge of facing a tumultuous time behind bars, or will he get bail and score a new win against Angelo?

How will Mackenzie find out the truth?

Home and Away‘s Witness X promo showed Mackenzie seemingly aware of the truth behind Ross’s murder, but these scenes still haven’t aired yet. Instead, Mackenzie expressed her shock over Colby’s arrest and naively made several remarks protesting his innocence.

After the pier apartment was trashed by the police, who were looking for evidence, Bella and Nikau decided to move in with Ziggy and Mac at the Astoni house for a while.

Could one of them ultimately let the truth slip to Mac? Let’s face it, Colby’s guilt is Summer Bay’s worst-kept secret at this point.

Is there still hope for Dean and Ziggy?

Colby’s detention led to dramatic scenes for Dean, as Ziggy even attempted to speak to him about turning himself in.

Dean was obviously at the bottom of the rock, admitting that after their break-up, he had already lost everything, so he was willing to go back to jail out of loyalty to Colby. It was clear that if Ziggy offered him a reason for staying in the Bay, he might change his mind.

When she had a heart-to-heart with Willow, later on, Ziggy also remembered the unfinished business between her and Dean. She acknowledged that when she dumped him a few weeks ago, she might have judged Dean too harshly, but she did not want him to base her on such major decisions about his future.

Ziggy had to break Dean’s heart all over again later by reminding him that there was nothing between them that had changed. Does this pave the way for the long-expected romance of Tane and Ziggy? Or would one day the emotions between Ziggy and Dean still be revisited?

Can Owen and Roo ever get past Evan?

Roo recently returned to Summer Bay without Owen and refused to reveal why their relationship had gone wrong during their trip away. With Owen finally making a reappearance this week, all became clear – and the details were pretty cringeworthy.

Roo confided in Marilyn about how she’d accidentally called Owen “Evan” when they were in bed together, which left her mortified at the time. It also raised some important questions about whether she’s only with Owen because of his physical resemblance to his late twin.

In a stubborn and embarrassed mood, Roo tried her best to avoid Owen following his visit but eventually had to face him. Can they find a way to sort this out?.


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