7 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Next week’s Home and Away episodes see Angelo try a new tactic with the Ross murder investigation, while Tane makes a bold step to stay away from Mac.

Here’s a full collection of 12 big moments coming up.

Angelo offers Dean a deal

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Angelo is getting nowhere with the Ross Nixon murder investigation, so he decides to focus his efforts on Dean in the hope of a breakthrough. Cornering Dean in private, Angelo reveals that he’s well aware of Colby’s guilt and fully intends to prove it.

Angelo offers Dean a way out by promising leniency if he cooperates with the police investigation and betrays Colby. Colby is horrified when he realises that his best friend may be considering it – and Willow seems to be on Dean’s side by defending his decision to look at the options.


Colby uses Angelo’s past against him

Colby realises that he desperately needs to regain control of the situation, so he delves into Angelo’s past in the hope of finding something he can use against his enemy. He’s delighted when he finds an old newspaper article about how Angelo once messed up a case by pursuing the wrong man.

Colby uses this as leverage to make a formal complaint against Angelo, claiming that the detective has been harassing him and his family. Angelo is livid when he finds out what Colby has done, and their tensions almost spark a brawl on the beach.


Colby makes an admission over his affair

Bella continues her efforts to talk some sense into Colby, wanting him to end his affair with Taylor once and for all. She points out that Taylor is unlikely to reveal any more insider information about the Ross investigation.

Colby shocks Bella by revealing that he has now genuinely fallen for Taylor and wants them to stay together, regardless of what’s going on with the Ross situation. Bella is worried to realise that real feelings are now in the mix.

Tori fears she’s losing Christian

Tori is torn over her romantic chemistry with Christian, wondering whether she’s ready for a new relationship. Leah encourages her not to be so pessimistic about the situation.

Just when Tori seems ready to talk things through with Christian, she’s shocked to spot him enjoying a meal with Jasmine at Salt. Tori fears that Christian could be moving on already and starts to see him as a player.

Jasmine receives a warning from Tori

Tori sees Jasmine and Christian’s friendly connection continue at work the next day. She’s frosty towards Jasmine as a consequence and gives her a vague warning about not making poor choices.

Jasmine is baffled by Tori’s warning, until Justin tips her off over Tori’s feelings for Christian and how she felt about seeing them together at Salt the previous night.

Jas is quick to set the record straight with Tori by insisting that she’s not interested in Christian – and to prove it, she tries to push the pair closer together.

Dean’s offer pushes Amber away

Dean realises that Amber has financial struggles and offers to help, wanting to contribute to Jai’s upbringing. Amber stubbornly refuses to accept any money from him, fearing that he has an ulterior motive.

Willow tries to make Amber see that Dean has genuine intentions, but convincing her to see this won’t be an easy task.

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