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9 early spoilers for Coronation Street’s Christmas episodes

What’s ahead on the cobbles?

Next week, Coronation Street will reveal its greatest Christmas spoilers along with dozens of new photos, but in the meanwhile, we’ve compiled a list of the most important seasonal storylines that we already know about.

While many elements are still being kept under wraps, early teasers have begun to circulate, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect in Weatherfield.

Here are nine of the most exciting events in Corrie over the holidays to look forward to.

1. Emma discovers the truth


Emma is looking forward to walking down the aisle with Curtis as their wedding day approaches in the run-up to Christmas. Emma thinks Curtis is the guy of her dreams, but her world is thrown upside down when she learns he has been lying to her for months.

Emma discovers that Curtis does not have a deadly heart ailment in scenes appearing later this month. Curtis admits the truth about his Factitious Disorder after being pressed for an answer, but swears to get professional therapy and reform.

Emma is willing to give Curtis a chance at first, but Amy’s insistence that she can’t marry him after so much dishonesty gives her pause. Will Emma forgive her fiancé, or will Curtis walk away from the cobblestones without exchanging vows?

2. Abi’s desire for revenge is reignited

It’s Abi’s first Christmas since her son Seb was murdered. Despite the devastating repercussions of her scheme against Corey earlier in the year, an emotional Abi is gripped by ideas of vengeance once more.

Abi concentrates her attention on Kelly this time. Abi is irritated to see Kelly back on the cobblestones after her honeymoon, and she resolves to expel her for good.

Kevin is on a mission to get Abi to stop harassing Kelly before things spiral out of control once more. Can Kevin and Jack help Abi find peace and move on with her life with a little aid from beyond the grave?

3. Nina struggles to cope

Nina’s sadness over Seb is a major focus over the holidays, especially now that she doesn’t have Roy to console her.

Nina is relieved to have her girlfriend Asha by her side, but she is still having difficulty dealing with her anxiousness. Carla, in the end, is the one who steps in to give Nina the gift she so desperately requires.

4. Tyrone makes a move on Fiz

Tyrone is worried that he will have a lonely Christmas because Phill is planning a vacation with Fiz, Hope, and Ruby. Fiz, on the other hand, takes pity on Tyrone and cancels the vacation, enabling her ex to spend the holidays with them.

Tyrone gets caught up in the moment and kisses Fiz on Christmas Day when the alcohol is pouring. Has he misunderstood the issue once more?

5. Sarah and Adam deal with family tensions

Sarah and Adam must determine where they will spend Christmas Day because their families are feuding. They eventually decide to have a joint Christmas meal to bring everyone together.


Will tensions be eased when the Platts and the Barlows sit down together, or are happy families still a long way off?

6. Jenny needs a helping hand

Jenny is still mourning Johnny’s death and finds it tough to think about celebrating Christmas.

Daisy is there to aid Jenny, and she persuades the town to unite around her when she needs it the most.

Daisy’s actress, Charlotte Jordan, previously told Inside Soap: “Daisy will be shown in a much gentler light as she tries to bring everyone together for Jenny. Daisy is going to learn a lot from The Street because it is so family-oriented.”

7. Daisy hopes to win over Daniel

Daisy and Daniel’s on-again, off-again romance has undergone a number of twists and turns recently, but they’re currently apart again after both struggled to be honest about their feelings for each other following a vicious fight.

Daisy makes another move for Daniel this Christmas, but it’s not going to be easy for them.

8. Nick hopes for a breakthrough

Since Natasha’s death, Nick has faced a devastating parenting challenge: his son Sam has stopped communicating.

Nick tries to persuade Sam to finally open out in scenes broadcast over the holidays.

9. George plans to surprise Eileen

George has a Christmas purpose in mind: he wants to give Eileen the best present for Christmas.

In search of ideas, George looks to Gail, of all people, for guidance on how to best give Eileen a particular gift. Will he succeed, or is this a tragedy waiting to happen?


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