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9 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Meena’s story is coming to a close next week on Emmerdale, as she prepares to claim two more victims.

Tracy mulls on her future in the community, while Priya deals with a new setback.

Here’s a complete list of the nine major events coming up.

Vinny fears for his life


Vinny is afraid after being kidnapped by Meena, who is holding him and Manpreet captive in an abandoned barn. Meena hides her traces by sending Mandy a reassuring message on Vinny’s phone.

Manpreet warns Vinny about Meena’s previous victims, emphasizing the gravity of the issue. When Meena wheeled in an IV set-up, Vinny does his hardest to stay cheerful, but he thinks that the end is nigh.

 Meena is attacked by Manpreet

When Manpreet manages to snap the cable ties that Meena is using to keep her from escaping, she is given a gleam of hope. When Meena returns, Manpreet uses the chance to attack her, injuring her with a piece of wood.

Meena finally gets the upper hand on her sister before tying her up once more. Vinny is concerned that this failed attempt was their only chance to flee.

Meena is confronted by Liam

When Liam examines Meena’s medical records, he is perplexed to find no indication of her pregnancy or miscarriage. Liam spots blood seeping through a dressing on Meena’s wrist the next time he sees her.

Liam informs Meena that he knows she pretended to be pregnant and had a miscarriage. If Liam pursues this, Meena threatens to falsely accuse him of sexual harassment.

 Meena plans to finish off Manpreet and Vinny

When Meena returns to the barn, she informs Manpreet and Vinny that due to Liam’s meddling, she will have to bring their murders forward. She warns them that today is their last day alive.

Meena then drives the Dingle van into the barn, closing all of the doors behind her. Manpreet and Vinny are horrified when they see the vehicle’s exhaust fumes and realize they may not have much time left.

 Mandy gets a clue to Vinny’s ordeal

When Mandy discovers that Vinny failed to show up for a visit with Liv, she realizes that he may be in danger.

Knowing how crucial it is for Vinny to communicate with Liv on a regular basis, a terrified Mandy wonders what’s actually going on.

Nate discovers that Tracy is leaving


Tracy receives a new work offer in Nottingham. Charity encourages her to pursue the new possibility when she tells her about it.

When Tracy tells Nate that she’s leaving the village and taking Frankie with her, he’s taken aback. Tracy is shaken by his heartbroken reaction, and she begins to doubt everything.

Nate also shatters Tracy’s self-assurance by questioning her ability to cope alone in a new city with Frankie. Tracy’s fears are fueled by this, and she reluctantly abandons her aspirations as a result of her post-natal melancholy.

Nate feels horrible when he realizes he may have damaged Tracy’s life – but will he do anything to change her mind?

Priya faces a tough return to work

Following Jai and Leyla’s encouragement, Priya returns to work at the Take A Vow office. She’s looking forward to getting back, but the pain from her burns is still bothering her.

Cassie, a disgruntled client, makes various requests, which Priya must meet right away. She’s happy with herself when she manages to handle the issue, but she can’t resist scratching her scars.

Priya is irritated later when she overhears Cassie making fun of her itching.

Jai faces a financial crisis

When the fine for the survival adventure challenge disasters is higher than expected, Jai and Kim are taken aback.

Jai attempts to deal with the matter by requesting for a loan in secret, but is upset when he is turned down.

Billy looks ahead to the wedding

Following their New Year’s engagement, Billy and Dawn are gearing up for their wedding.

When Billy invites Leyla to arrange the ceremony, she is overjoyed.


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