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Home & Away newcomer Theo to cause trouble for Justin at the garage

Since his arrival earlier this month, Theo Poulos, the newest addition to Home and Away, has made quite an impression on Summer Bay, having been pulled over for speeding by police officer Cash Newman.

When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) returned Theo (Matt Evans) to the Bay, he was greeted by his aunt Leah Patterson-Baker, who revealed that Theo has a surprising connection in town (Ada Nicodemou). When Theo explained that his father – Leah’s brother – had kicked him out of the house, Leah decided to take him in to help him.


However, Leah’s companion Justin Morgan (James Stewart) has been wary of the newcomer and the potential risk he poses, especially because Theo was recently beaten up by victims of a fraud he was involved in before arriving in the Bay.

According to TV Week, Justin will finally agree to give Theo a chance in scenes that will run this week in Australia, but he may live to regret it.

Now that Theo is crashing at Leah’s, he needs to find a new source of income. Justin isn’t thrilled about the prospect of hiring Theo, but for Leah’s sake, he decides to give her nephew an opportunity at working for him.  

Theo’s first day, however, does not go as planned, as he arrives late to the garage. Theo claims he has a migraine and wants to depart early when Leah delivers them lunch, leaving Justin without assistance.

“He’s hesitant to hire Theo because he doesn’t sure if he can trust him,” actor James, who plays Justin, told TV Week. “He has a sinister air about him.”

Will Justin’s fears over Theo’s continued presence prove to be well-founded?

Actor and musician Matt Evans, who competed on Australia’s The Voice last year, plays newcomer Theo, who has yet to make his UK debut.  


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