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Home and Away Spoilers  2021-Everything comes up next year

For 2020, Home and Away is almost over, with the season finale airing in a rare triple-bill episode next Monday. As they carry out an armed robbery, the Paratas seem poised for major trouble, while Alf struggles with the news that Martha has a son.

In Australia, the show will be off the air until early 2021. The date of return has not been confirmed yet, although it is likely to be in late January or early February.

Before then, here’s a peek into what’s coming up early next year while all we hear is dissected.

Many of these spoilers come from films found by viewers, social media tidbits by celebrities, or news pictures. Although we agree all is true, the show has officially started so little.

For Colby Thorne, the end?


For months, it’s been speculated, so it seems like it’s about to happen-is Colby (Tim Franklin) going to die in jail in the 2020 season finale? With other prisoners finding out that he’s a policeman, his days appear to be numbered.

We predict Tim’s final scenes to air in the triple-bill on Monday, bringing an end to his Summer Bay time once and for all. Tim has not been seen shooting outdoor scenes for several months, but this is publicly confirmed, which is generally a positive indication that a character has departed.

A new trailer for the final week of the season also implied that any day could be their last,” giving us a substantial sign that we are about to say goodbye.

In February 2018, Colby first came to the Lake, breaking up a war between Mason and the River Boys. He was soon discovered to be the newest police officer in Summer Bay, a substitute for Kat Chapman, who had died a few days ago.

But his history as a River Boy, who was likely to do him no favors in the police department, was keeping a dark secret. The secret ultimately came out as did the fact that in an attempt to track down his half-sister, he joined the army. Bella, now an integral part of the show, had been abducted several years ago by her boyfriend, Ross Nixon, and Colby had spent years trying to locate her.

He was reunited with his Mangrove River mates Dean and Willow, who were shocked to see their former gang mate on the force. Dean wasn’t too excited to see Colby in town. Since the day they attempted to chase Bella’s father in a stolen vehicle, the two hadn’t talked.

The car derailed and Colby made a break for it, following Ross on foot. He left Dean to rap the stolen car by doing so and left his friend Jai for dead. Since the old friends eventually reconciled, they continued the mission of locating Bella, finally tracking her down. Sadly, the revelation ultimately led to the assassination of Ross Nixon by Colby, burying the body and landing us where we are now.

They all really loved him and never expected the story to end like this after everything Colby put Dean and Bella through. If the rumors are real, when the show returns in 2021, how are they going to respond to his death?

Willow returns to the Bay

The day after testifying in Colby’s murder lawsuit, Willow was last seen speeding away from Summer Bay. She helped Angelo put Colby away, ensuring that Dean would be free to be able to rely on himself and his family without ever risking prison time.

She also realized, though that Dean would never forgive her for what she was doing, and determined that she wanted to leave the area. She was a sad sight to see when she left Summer Bay behind with only Irene, Jasmine and John Palmer to see her go.

But her exit does not seem to be forever, with something or something finally enticing her back to the bay.

Over the past few weeks, Sarah Roberts, the actress who portrays Willow, has been seen filming in Palm Beach. This means that she will be in the show for some time to come, with Home and Away shot about 6 months before episodes airing.

With both Bella and Dean hanging around in 2021, and already fresh in their minds with Colby’s jail term, how can the Mangrove River gang be able to rebuild their rifts… particularly if Colby ends up 6 feet below!

A return for Heath


Before the end of the year, we were awaiting this one but it looks like we will have to wait until 2021 for Heath Braxton to return to Summer Bay.

Earlier this year, actor Dan Ewing was spotted shooting scenes alongside Ari, Tane and Dean. The four were filming a battle scene, taking on a bunch of random men who were sure to be Paul, Leon, and their cronies.

We hope Heath will make a surprise appearance at the season finale on Monday, but if we don’t, we expect to see him early in the next season.

Much more from Jai and Amber

In only a few short months, Dean is now battling to lose his best friend, his partner and his son. Thanks to Colby’s actions, his friendship with Ziggy fell apart and his volatile behavior forced Amber to vanish, taking their son with her. Today, behind bars with Colby, he’s at breaking point.

Fortunately for poor Dean, at the end of the tunnel there is some sun. Eventually, Amber and Jai return to the bay, with their mutual son continuing to play a significant role in Dean’s life.

In the show, River Jarvis, who plays Jai, is still actively filming.

On November 10th, a series of pictures were posted to River’s Instagram, showing him backstage with Patrick O’Connor (Dean), as well as with Madeleine Jevic on the set of Colby and Dean’s apartment (Amber). Assuming these are new pictures, it indicates that as early as last week, River and Madeleine were filming.

Last month’s paparazzi shots also showed Amber and Jai show up with a box of belongings at the diner. Fans were enthusiastically speculating if this means that in his now quiet flat, Amber shacks up with Dean, but it’s equally likely that Jai was only staying with his dad for the night.

We can’t wait to see more of little Jai on video anyway!

The first photo from Instagram above also shows a door written on it with ‘AVA / Alice Roberts’. Ava, daughter of Justin, is played by Alice Roberts, implying that she’ll be back in Summer Bay in 2021 as well.

Check out the video in the Instagram article above for something cute.

The post, taken just a couple of days ago backstage at Home and Out, shows River and Patrick O’Connor engaging away from filming. The adorable clip shows the two of them playing together in a multiplayer game, with Patrick smiling as he exclaims, “How did you get that weapon?” Is there a knife in your hand? That’s so absurd! ”

A love interest for Ryder

Actress Sam Barrett joined the show as Katherine earlier this year and it appears she is set to team up with Ryder (Lukas Radovich).
Ryder’s only significant love interest has been Jade after Raffy’s exit, which ended disastrously when she recorded a sex tape of the couple and posted it online. He’ll probably have a smoother time with Sam’s character.

We originally assumed that Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) would be a love interest, proving to be a competitor for Bella (Courtney Miller). The first paparazzi shots taken a few months earlier, showed Rider and Nikau engaging with her but with Nikau’s arm around her.

In November, however, new pictures appeared, showing Ryder and Sam’s character Katherine frolicking together in the sea before hugging and apparently going in for a kiss.

Hopefully, this suggests that the relationship between her and Nikau was completely platonic, making the way open for the relationship between Bella and Nikau to continue.

A ghost from the past

Earlier this year, Seven Network’s “Upfronts” promised that 2021 will carry us A ghost from the past” that would “threaten to derail one of the favorite couples in the Bay.”

At the time, we hypothesized that this could be one of several partners, maybe Bella and Nikau, based on his pictures with another girl; a problem involving Owen and Roo, which has already come to pass as Roo’s sorrow over Evan eventually ended their relationship; or one of the enemies of the drug syndicate of the Morgan family.

However, it seems almost likely now that the ghost is Kieran, the son of Martha, who is set to cause her and Alf problems. For at least the first few weeks of next year, he looks likely to stick around and we think his aggressive tendencies will ruffle more than a few feathers.

In Palm Beach, Aussie actress Anna Samson has also been seen filming. She’s rumored to be playing a new policeman, filling the void created by Colby’s exit.

Other fan pictures from the movie, though, seem to show her wearing a Summer Bay Workout uniform, and getting close to Ari. Who knows what the future holds for the character of Anna!

Also, Bridie Carter meets Susie McCalister as a real estate agent, who establishes a friendship with John Palmer.

Not long after shooting her first scenes, Bridie took to Instagram to post, “Very happy to be on one of Australia’s longest running shows, Home and Away, to join the team/family.” Very very happy to be welcomed into the family fold in these odd days.’

John’s foray into online dating has been shown in recent shows, but we don’t imagine it’ll be that long before Susie arrives on television. Is it actually that the Astonis are selling the farmhouse, or is another Summer Bay property about to change hands? The fact that she is entering as a real estate agent must also have some meaning.

An old flame for Jasmine

As a love interest for Jasmine (Sam Frost), Luke Arnold also enters the show, implying she is actually ready for love a little over a year after husband Robbo’s death.

The couple have been seen together shooting a variety of outdoor scenes, usually ending up sharing a pash with them.

Luke plays a character named Lewis Hayes, a blast from the history of Jasmine who comes to Summer Bay for vengeance, it has now been revealed. His character appears as a nurse at Northern Districts Hospital in the season finale, and it seems he knows more than one resident of the area.

Many years back, he and Jasmine had a fling, which ended up going nowhere. He went on to meet the love of his life, but she passed away… apparently at Dr Christian’s side! That’s right, Lewis comes to the bay in search of Christian, blaming him for the death of his wife and hoping to get him out with him.

When he reconnects with Jasmine, though, he is torn. Whether he will find love with Jasmine, is it worth seeking his revenge against Christian?

Trouble for Justin

When he reconnects with Jasmine, though, he is torn. It is worth seeking his revenge against the health issues of ChristaJustin, which are expected to resume in 2021. Recently, Australian audiences see him recover from a second surgery to remove the carcinoma on his spine that almost left him wheelchair-bound.

We were led to think that the second operation was a success, even though the first surgery did not remove enough of the tumour. He’s overjoyed at a regular life ending the season, eventually willing to concentrate on his family again.ian if he can find love with Jasmine?

Yet next year, it seems like he’s headed for any extra health issues. Scenes shot in October saw a spectacular drowning scene being filmed by actor James Stewart. As Justin is a confident surfer, there must have been something that went badly wrong.

Photos of the paparazzi show Justin surfing as normal, before losing control. Struggling to keep himself above water, all he can use is one flailing arm to attract the attention of those on the beach.

Fortunately, someone sees him in sight and the lifeboat rescue crew speeds out to rescue him.

Another photo from the same day shows Leah (Ada Nicodemou) running towards him, carrying his surfboard, as he runs for the beach. Is Justin not taking his treatment seriously enough, seeking normality when he’s quite ready for it She has a worried expression on her face and appears to be trying to discourage him.

Romance for Ziggy and Tane

We’ve known for a while that after a press photographer snapped the couple walking arm in arm along the beach earlier in the year, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Tane (Ethan Browne) will finally hook up.

Latest photographs taken by Palm Beach fans show that their friendship continues until 2021, leaving no hope for a reconciliation between Ziggy and Dean.

The above Instagram videos, which we assume have been taken during the past few weeks, show the characters walking and talking, until Tane leans in very close. Are they going to be our next hot pair in 2021?

A wedding for the newest couple from Summer Bay

Recent episodes have seen complications rise between the newest pairing from Summer Bay. For a couple of months, doctors Christian Green (Ditch Davy) and Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) have just been together, but they have had their fair share of problems already.

Tori’s disagreement about how Christian treated Justin’s case first happened. Tori fought to be left in the dark, even though he knew Christian had no choice but to follow the laws of doctor/patient privilege. They are now fighting about Jasmine and her talent for baby Grace, with Christian saying that Tori is the only one with a concern.

Yet in spite of their rocky start, they seem to be set for a happier future. Vikki Ross, a fan of the show, spotted them filming an engagement party back in August.

They were met with yells and cheers from Ada Nicodemou (Leah) and James Stewart (Justin) and a banner reading ‘Tori & Christian, Together Forever’ as Ditch Davy and Penny McNamee walked along the grass outside the Surf Club.

Will Tori and Christian ever be content afterward?

The finale of the Home and Away season airs on Monday 30 November in a triple bill from 7 pm. Right after the finale, we expect a 2021 promo to air, and as soon as it does, we will bring you some extra details from the promo.

We have plenty of time to sit and ponder about what will pop up in the coming year with Home and Away about to go off the air in Australia and the UK. As soon as we have it we’ll be keeping our Upcoming Episodes page up to date with all of the new.


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