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A Home & Away humour video based on Darryl (Brax) Braxton

In February 2011, Brax arrived with his two brothers, Heath and Casey Braxton, in Summer Bay. They were once a surfing gang trio called “The River Boys” In a bar, they began a brawl and Brax punched Miles Copeland. In Summer Bay, the River Boys began causing trouble and policewoman Charlie Buckton kept a close eye on them.

Other storylines in which Brax was involved included drug trafficking, cage fighting and his Ricky Sharpe relationship. Brax got embroiled in a battle with Jake Pirovic, the rival surf gang leader, in 2011.

Jake Pirovic returned in 2014 to take vengeance on Brax, as he blames him for the death of Hammer, too. This ended up in Casey’s accidental death. Brax promised that he would place Pirovic on the ground. When chasing Brax, Pirovic had a car accident and ended up in a hospital. Andy Barrett had his life support turned off.

In 2015, Darryl and his old friend Martin Ashford tracked down an old enemy. Brax was later charged with the murder of Dean Sanderson. Daryl later faked his death to go on the run from the police after escaping jail.


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