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A NEW MAN EastEnders fans stunned by the ‘weight loss’ of Ian Beale, with Adam Woodyatt looking slimmer in the episode tonight

During tonight’s show, the 51-year-old man looked slimmer as Ian paid a call to his arch-nemesis Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

After Phil kicked her out on Monday’s episode, Ian went to pick up Sharon Watt ‘s belongings. Fans couldn’t help but reflect on actor Adam’s body transformation, given the tense stand-off between the guys. One Twitter user wrote: “At the time it was me or did Ian drop weight loads??” While another added: “Ian looks around ten years younger every time he loses weight!”

And a third said: “Lost weight for Ian.”For a time, the weight of Adam was a sore point.

He revealed his brutal comebacks to “rough” fans last month who told him that he was “fatter” than Ian Beale. The 51-year-old who starred on the BBC soap since 1985-remembered an upsetting moment at BBC Good Food with someone he met.

He told the podcast ‘Why Do You’: “This lady stares at me, thinking, ‘You’re fatter than on the telly.’ I told her, ‘If I had asked you to do so, you could go to the papers and complain that I was disrespectful, that and that. I ‘m sorry, the way you spoke to me I don’t like.

“She said ‘I didn’t mean it’ and then went running.” Yet there was no stop to the negative remarks. Adam claims another fan walked over and patted his stomach and said: “You put that timber on.”

It pushed Adam to see red and he lashed at the bald man, saying: “You have lost all of your hair, have you not?” The star became angry that even because he’s on the telly he’s been sexually assaulted. Now he’s not going to hold back from defending himself against those who decide to criticize his weight. He also says he takes a stance against people who demand that when he is out for dinner, he ask him for a video.


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