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Actors Lukas Radovich and Sam Barrett make a filming romantic beach scenes for Home and Away in Sydney

Lukas Radovich and Sam Barrett put on an amorous display as they recently filmed scenes in Sydney for Home and Away.

As they filmed in Palm Beach, the two young actors were spotted frolicking in the surf.
The two stars were dressed in bathing suits, with Sam filming in a blue patterned bikini that revealed her curves.



Lukas, 25, meanwhile, was dressed for the romantic scenes in a pair of grey patterned board shorts.

The actors were filmed running happily along the beach, wrapping each other around their arms as they played in the surf.

At one point, while walking through the breaking waves, Lukas picked his co-star up in his arms and carried her along the beach.

Smiling, while holding onto her waist and thighs, Sam wrapped an arm around Lukas’ shoulders for protection.

Lukas looked ready to drop Sam as they made their way into the water as he tried to hold his balance.

They continued to splash about after toppling into the surf together, retaining their affectionate showing.

As they shot scenes for the long-running soap, both actors seemed to be in high spirits, laughing animatedly. Standing in the roaring waves together, Lukas stood behind Sam, wrapping an arm around her waist.

Lukas appeared to scream, sitting in the water together, as Sam swept her long caramel-colored hair back from her face.

Lukas and Sam, shooting more romantic scenes, stood up in the surf and shared an intimate embrace.

As she threw her arms around his stomach, Lukas wrapped his arms around Sam’s waist and they grinned happily.

They even played along the shoreline, pretending to be skipping as the water welcomed them.


Another scene saw them lying on beach towels side-by-side as they were talking intimately on the beach. Lukas and Sam joined their co-stars and the film’s crew in between shooting, who had gathered on another part of the beach.


They covered up as they held warm in between scenes in matching blue bathrobes, with both carrying water bottles to rehydrate.


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