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After Sherrie Hewson and Liz Dawn became stranded in New York, the bosses of Coronation Street threatened to fire them.

After Sherrie Hewson and Liz Dawn were stranded in New York on vacation, CORONATION Street bosses threatened to fire them.

The two actresses, who played Maureen and Vera on ITV’s Maureen and Vera, had flown out for a winter break but were stranded due to a major snowstorm.

They were forced to stay in JFK airport for a week while waiting for a flight home, but the delay caused them to miss filming and enraged the soap bosses.


“I went to New York with Liz Dawn,” Sherrie explained. When it began to snow, a man approached and said, “I’m not sure if you need to leave New York, but you’ll be stuck here for a few weeks.”

“The hotel manager warned us that the snow would get worse, so we packed our belongings and headed to the airport.

“Fortunately for us, BA had taken us, and they put us up in their business class section, in a coffee shop, for seven days!”

“We watched the snow pile up from the bottom to the top of the window until we couldn’t see out.

“We only had one small towel each and lukewarm water until the food ran out. JFK’s restrooms were all clogged, stinking, and disgusting. It was a disaster.”

Fortunately for the stars, a Corrie fan pilot with a spare Concorde saved the day.

“Then a pilot and his mate came out and said, ‘We know you’re from Coronation Street, we know you’ve got to get back,’” Sherrie said on the Soap From the Box podcast.

“We were a week late for filming, and Coronation Street was going crazy. ‘Listen, we’re going to bring Concorde out,’ the pilot said.

“It’s frozen, the runway is frozen, but we’ll wheel it out, get people onboard, and then burn the frost off and take off,” says the pilot. It sounds risky, but we’ve done it before.’

“He asked if we wanted to do it as a group, and we all said yes. So we boarded a frozen Concorde and sat there terrified, with no food, drink, or anything. However, we were able to take off and land in Manchester.

“When we arrived, we were greeted by the press, who exclaimed, ‘You two are in trouble!’

“When we returned to Coronation Street, the producer went insane, saying, ‘Do you know how many days we’ve missed filming?’ Both of you should be fired.’ We both thought we were going to be fired; we were in serious trouble, but it wasn’t our fault.

“However, we were not fired! Isn’t that amazing?”


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