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EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell ‘s horrible gun tragedy, an affair plot, and a double exit

EastEnders is going to get seriously dramatic next week, as Ben Mitchell would do finally look down on a gun barrel, as two characters are planning to leave Walford.

EastEnders could be about to kill Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) off next week as the gangster Danny Hardcastle puts his life in danger once again.

EastEnders spoilers also revealed that the soap is aired with an episode that switches entirely to his perspective when he makes a series of dramatic discoveries.

But could the episode dedicated to Ben be his last as he faces shooting?

Meanwhile, when her son Keegan Butcher-Baker (Zack Morris) tells her he wants to leave Walford with her, Karen Taylor will be amazed.

Is the pair going to leave, and what does that mean for his marriage to Tiffany?

Ben faces death

In a special episode entirely from Ben’s point of view, the main fan should look dead in the face after making a surprising discovery.

In the episode, Ben sees Peter and Lola together, and then he’s almost hit by a car due to his near-deafness.

Walking away unscathed, Ben confronts Lola, but Jay bursts in and defends his girlfriend.

Later, Ben and Phil discussed their mission, but the father was quickly frustrated by Ben’s inability to hear.

Things get worse when Ben produces the gun he bought because Phil decides to cut him off from job.

Ben storms off and once again confronts Lola and Jay tells her she had an abortion.
Then, a livid Ben drags Lola out and pressures her to admit she was sleeping with Peter.

Ben lashes out at her, then heads to Prince Albert to get drunk, but as he does, he spots a van that follows Danny and Phil and heads off in pursuit.

Ben makes an alarming discovery following them to the warehouse, as a gun is pointed at him.
Is she going to realize what he’s planning, or is their marriage over for good?

Tragic double exit

In the meantime, Karen tells Sharon that it’s time for her to say goodbye to her son Kayden when she leaves Walford soon.
Sharon is in conflict to say goodbye to her son, and Billy and Lola are worried about her behaviour, leading Billy to threaten her with her decision to give up the baby.
Sharon is about to say good-bye to Kayden, but as Karen leaves, her son, Keegan, tells her he needs to move with her.
Are the two going to leave, and Sharon ‘s going to let Kayden go with them?

An oblivious Tiffany reveals her relationship with Keegan to Denise and wants to take steps to remind Keegan she loves him.

Affair twist

Meanwhile, Max Branning (Jake Wood) is becoming jealous when he sees his girlfriend Ruby (Louisa Lytton) flirting with Martin Fowler (James Bye).

He picks up a fight with Vinny Panesar to try and get her attention and prove himself, but will his plan work?

Ack is trying to give his brother some advice on how to help his relationship, but it looks like Ruby ‘s attention has been diverted elsewhere.

Is this for a pair, and is she going to get together with her best friend’s ex-husband?

EastEnders continues on the BBC on Monday at 8 p.m.


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