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Anna Nightingale gives birth! Emmerdale star welcomes baby daughter Ava Noëlle

On Wednesday, Anna Nightingale gave birth to a baby girl called Ava Nolle.

The 30-year-old actress, who portrays Andrea Tate on Emmerdale, already has a four-year-old daughter with fiancé Darren Dixon, Autumn, and revealed she was expecting another while filming her final scenes.

‘Just in time for Christmas, our little pudding has arrived safe and well,’ the couple informed OK! magazine of their new arrival, which weighed 7lb 2oz.

Adorable: Anna Nightingale has given birth to a baby daughter with fiance Darren Dixon named Ava Noëlle on Wednesday (pictured in October 2021)

‘We’re all at home, in our cozy bubble of sleepless nights and unending cuddles,’ says one of the four.

Anna previously confessed that she suffered from panic attacks while filming Emmerdale as a result of her concerns about balancing work and motherhood.
Her character was just murdered off the program during a super soap week, and she has stated that when she initially started, she struggled with working 60-hour weeks, which caused her to miss seeing her kid from Sunday through Friday.

Anna told The Sun about forgetting her lines in a scenario with 20 people, which led to one of her most serious attacks.

Family: The actress, 30, who plays Andrea Tate on Emmerdale , already has four-year-old daughter, Autumn, with fiance Darren Dixon

‘I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t know what I was doing, and none of my lines came back to me.’ Because it was so public, it was like a nightmare.

‘It’s one thing to have anxiety when you’re with your family, but this was in front of people I worked with, and I cared about what they thought.’ I couldn’t remember the script.’

Anna was under extra strain during these sequences because she wanted them to be perfect, but she also had to be concerned for her own and her child’s health.

She described how her mental health began to deteriorate and how social media had a role in this.

Struggle: The actress revealed she was expecting another when she was filming her final scenes; pictured in May 2021 on the show 

‘Then my mental health deteriorated,’ she continued. I began to feel isolated, as if I were a failure. Then came the rise of social media. ‘Everything Wrong With Anna Nightingale’s Face’ was a Facebook group I was invited to join.’

Two cast members of Emmerdale are said to have had a falling out while filming sequences recently.

According to a source, Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins got into an altercation during filming a major stunt scene.

Anna stated that filming scenes of this nature puts a lot of strain on you, and that people get emotional as a result of their hard work.

She went on to remark that her mother serves as a role model for her strong work ethic.

Anna wants the same for her own daughter, and she credits her own hard work ethic with establishing a good example for her.

She added that she now wants to do new things in her career and that Emmerdale has given her the courage to do so.

She told the publication that she’d ‘love’ to start writing and sharing her ideas.

Busy: She was recently killed off the show during their super soap week, and has said that when she firsts started she struggled with working 60-hour weeks which led to her not seeing her daughter from Sunday to Friday


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