Auction for Bitcoin Ordinals Goes Live on Sotheby’s

Now that Bitcoin Ordinals have reached maturity, Sotheby’s Auction House is hosting live auctions for a few of these rare assets.

Sotheby’s has opened bidding for its Bitcoin Ordinals collection following the conclusion of its first auction of this same digital collectible last year in December.

Bitcoin Ordinals Auction: Ongoing Curated Sale

The collection auction dubbed “Natively Digital: An Ordinals Curated Sale,” contains 19 pieces of the Bitcoin Ordinals including some rare Satoshis, work from the pioneering artist Shroomtoshi, generative art, and an item connected to the Bitcoin Ordinals brand Taproot Wizards.

The collection can be purchased for between $5,000 and roughly $70,000. The two most costly Shroomtoshi pieces were listed for between $50,000 and $70,000. While the other Shroomtoshi is still at $8,000, one has reached a bid of $16,000. Taproot’s FAR is listed for $15,000–20,000, Nullish for $30,000–40,000, and $10,000–15,000 for another Nullish Block 9.

The auction will end on January 22, but the “lot” are anticipated to close separately one minute apart.

The Sotheby’s statement reads, “Ordinals have seen explosive growth over the past year, and this sale puts a spotlight on the incredible range of creative diversity found within the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

Three items from BitcoinShroom’s collection were up for bid in Sotheby’s inaugural auction for Bitcoin Ordinals, which concluded on December 13. This was considered to be among Shroomtoshi’s initial Ordinals projects. This collection’s auction brought in a large amount of money. After everything was said and done, $450,850 was made from the sales.

The realized funds represented a five-fold increase over the total value of the three pieces.

Bitcoin is Now Duly Competing With Ethereum

With the introduction of Bitcoin Ordinals, BTC is quickly overtaking Ethereum (ETH) as the dominant digital collectible. Furthermore, as the Sotheby’s listing duly demonstrates, the idea of Ordinals is quickly gaining acceptance and recognition on the international scene.

Digital artist Billy moved to immortalize the official’s response to the false Bitcoin ETF approval post as Bitcoin Ordinals after Gary Gensler, SEC Chair, attempted to refute the post a few days ago.

Meanwhile, some people are fighting against Bitcoin Ordinals, including Luka Dashjr, the developer of the Bitcoin (BTC) core, who wants to see it eliminated.

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