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BBC EastEnders fans fear the worst as they predict Dana Monroe will suffer a terrible fate


Fans of EastEnders have expressed their concern for a character on the show who they believe will be killed off.

Dana is expected to be one of the numerous victims of an explosion set off in the plaza in upcoming episodes, according to viewers of the serial.

According to EastEnders executives, a far-right terrorist organization, led by Dana’s brother Aaron Monroe and his extreme group, will plot to blow up the new Mosque on New Year’s Eve.

In previous episodes, the newcomer threatens to blow up the Walford Mosque while talking to gang leader Neil about his plans (Thomas Coombes).

He said: “[Christmas] is where we start then,’ he said during an episode broadcast on Monday, December 13. “[There’s a] few people around here that need teaching a thing or two.”

“How are they going to put a mosque in a build that ain’t there?. That’s our statement”

“We’ll take their restaurant – their wannabe Mosque – and we’ll burn it to the ground.”

Dana and her lover Bobby Beale are regular visitors to the Mosque, and fans of the show are already concerned.

One fan took to Twitter to write: “I think Aaron will plant a bomb in the new mosque accidentally killing Dana #EastEnders!”

Whilst another said: “So that guy with the computer is gonna bomb the mosque and either put Dana in a coma or kill her #EastEnders.”

“Yikes with that bomb building’s scene. I strongly think Dana will be killed by Neil. Which may either cause Aaron to take his anger out on Bobby or Neil. #EastEnders” said another.


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