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Ben Mitchell’s leaves Callum Highway shocked tonights episodes



Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway has supported Ben Mitchell every step of the way in EastEnders, but its frustrations continue to grow, and Sharon Watts, therefore — Mitchell’s expert in all-things — dishes out some advice on dating an iconic clan member in the episode tonight.

Ben’s penchant for dodgy dealings put Callum over and over in a difficult position again — and seemingly has done so again, as the Mitchell lad found himself in the middle of a risky operation last night’s episode. What happens next about Ben has yet to be revealed, but Callum struggles somewhat during the episode tonight, but seemingly finds support from an unexpected source.

Yeah, Callum confides in Sharon for the conflict that comes with the Mitchell Dating. Knowing well the struggles that such a thing entails, Sharon tells him to simply turn a blind eye to their dodgy deals, something that frustrates Callum. What will he do? Will he take advice from Sharon?


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