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Ben suffers shocking collapse before knowing the truth about hearing loss

EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell suffered a horror collapse before finally admitting to someone the truth about his hearing loss-but can it be fixed?

EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell is set to make a surprising acknowledgement of his hearing, but he suffers from a horror collapse that lands him in the hospital.

The shocking scenes will air next week in the last few episodes of the BBC soap Before you leave the air due to the lockdown.

Since the boat accident in February, Ben (Max Bowden) has been battling hearing loss, and he has kept it a secret despite the detrimental effect it has on his life and his ability to communicate.

And after Ben and his dad Phil’s dodgy deals with gangster Danny Hardcastle to make some extra cash, Ben was not able to hear at all.

Before, he was supposed to have an operation on his ear, but it was postponed for being too sick.

Ben battles a fever in the upcoming scenes and his boyfriend Callum Highway (Tony Clay) gives him some strong medicine to help before leaving.

Later Jay comes to see Ben, but when he collapses, he is shocked.

When Ben returns, he finally admits to Jay that he can’t hear anything, so Jay insists that Ben goes to the hospital. Ben will learn if his hearing can be fixed at all, or if it’s too late.

The character was one of the few Walford residents on the party boat when the River Thames crashed in February.

Before flying overboard, Ben and Keanu smashed his head against the side of the boat as Ben made it to the surface and sustained an injury.

It was immediately apparent that something was wrong with Ben, as it appeared distant and confused, ringing a high-pitched noise in his head.


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