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Bridie Carter’s McLeod’s Daughters confession

Bridie Carter has a legion of fans from her time on the show, playing Tess McLeod in the iconic Aussie TV series McLeod’s Daughters.

And this week, these fans were pleased when the 50-year-old actress posted a rare image of herself and Nick’s on-screen love interest (played by Myles Pollard, 48) and shared a candid confession about the character.

Sleepy Sunday and these two creatures are staring at each other very deeply, or very intently…… ‘Anything’! Tess and Nick Happy 2021 – hope this year is a fantastic one for both of you,’ she wrote.

It’s so funny when I look at a character’s picture, not me. There is a strong distinction. I’m inside the character, but I’m not her, I embody her. Bridie, I am. The mad dichotomy of becoming an actor is this. Lives Parallel. One notifies, and breathes life into the other.

Bridie added: “Hope I am not sounding too mad – but it can be a pretty crazy kind of work!!!! ”

It appears that even Myles, who appears alongside Bridie in the picture, was unaware of the existence of the image.

The actor wrote, commenting on the post:’ Nice picture. He didn’t see that one. Let’s go there in 2021! ”

Bridie played Tess in the popular series from 2001 to 2006 and was a fan favorite as one of the strong-willed sisters of Drover’s Run.

And in good news for fans of McLeod, there is both a film based on the series on the way and an exciting new project featuring both Bridie and Myles.

In a romance movie called A Walk In The Park, the former on-screen lovebirds join forces to play a married couple.

In recent years, the pair have been working together to arrange live reunions for McLeod. Before COVID put a stop to that back in March, they had hoped for more reunions.

“Then the next thought was, ‘Hang on a minute. We have to reach out. Somehow we have to take a story out to the world, but how the hell do we do that?'”Then the next thought was,’ Hang on a minute. We have to reach out. We have to take a story out to the world somehow, but how the hell do we do that?’

“I’m at the most eastern point of Australia and he’s in WA and we weren’t allowed to travel, so I said, ‘Why don’t we see if we could get the rights to something and maybe somehow you could shoot yours and I could shoot mine.'”

It was a busy year for Bridie, who recently joined the Aussie soap juggernaut, Home and Away, as well.


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