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Colby Courageously: Why the top officer at Home and Away is the unsung hero of Summer Bay

Lovable, well-meaning local cops on Home and Away are regular fixtures. Yep, over the years, we have seen a flurry of iconic police men and women dominating Summer Bay’s sandy beaches.

Jack Holden was underrated, Charlie Buckton was charismatic, and then most recently, the famous Kat Chapman. There is a recurrent trend here involving – that all three of these magnificent coppers were killed off the show.

Yep, those scenes were just a little bit traumatic. We will not forget the catastrophic car wreck of Kat, or the tragic ending of Charlie at the hands of the deplorable Jake Pirovic any time soon.

But we must note that the show is fictitious, so considering this we should excuse the very high attrition of Summer Bay police workers with one remaining silver lining – and that, dear reader, is the arrival of the next ogle-worthy copper.

Join Colby Thorne, the newest do-gooder of the Bay, slash somewhat mistaken, slash can be a tad shifty, slash is, for the most part, just a legendary all-around police cop.

Played by Aussie actor Tim Franklin, following his arrival in The Bay back in 2018, Colby has had his fair share of ups and downs.

Colby has taken the story to prime time tv, from a futile hunt for his younger sister to on-again-off-again relationships with some of the gorgeous female inhabitants of the area, and we are forever grateful for it.

We wanted to wrap up Colby’s finest moments in order to celebrate the perfect Summer Bay Officer.
Keep scrolling for the show you never thought you wanted from Tim Franklin.

What’s better than an undercover officer battling a successful battle? Just after the undercover officer shows himself to be an actual cop and becomes a regular in Summer Bay. Colby did just that when, after helping fellow local Mason fend off the River Boys, he burst on screens in 2018. And so at first sight, it was love.

Of course, without a little plot twist here and there, Home and Away will be nothing, are we right? Colby was quickly discovered to have been part of the River Boy gang before (cue gasps). The signature ‘Blood and Sand’ tattoo or chiselled washboard abs? We’re not sure what could have given him away? Either is part and parcel—and we thank the kid for the latter…

It appeared, happily, that copper had turned a corner from the days of his River Boy. Again for that decision, we’re very thankful – the guy takes the uniform off like no other.

His futile search to find his girlfriend, Bella, who had been abducted by his abusive stepfather, is another subplot to Colby’s dramatic story.

Colby’s first major romantic interest comes into action at the same time. Join Jasmine Delaney, played by the mighty Sam Frost, and the ultimate star-crossed mistress. Before binning the whole item, the couple have some ups and downs, and eventually plan to have a romantic friendship. Then Jasmine and the late Robbo hooked up… Though something told us things between her and Colbs may not be over.

Another day another romantic interest in the life of the resident cop of Summer Bay. In a whirlwind romance that involved a lot of surprises, a swift engagement and a very fast break up, Chelsea Campbell joined the scene in 2018 after Chelsea learned that Colby had allegedly killed his abusive step dad.

But no matter what happens in his life, Colby is still going to have a lot of love for Bella, his little sister, whom he has finally met. She and Tim have an amazing on-screen bond, played by the talented Courtney Miller.

What did we suggest to you? In 2019, Colby and Jasmine rekindled their relationship, and while they did not make it official again, matters in the future of this couple are still unclear – is the third time a charm?

And it’s not to say that no one else has crossed the lurve radar of Colby – the copper finally meets up with the Mackenzie Booth bartender. The two have a turbulent friendship that has not distanced them so far. Though understanding his Jasmine track record, this may not be the end for these two either…

Colby has buried himself in Leah’s horrific abduction event in more recent storylines, which has left her emotionally and psychologically suffering. Colby is eager to get the beloved cafe owner to the bottom of matters.

After closing one night, the story thickens when Leah is assaulted in the Diner – Colby is ever more driven to put to justice whoever is responsible.

And Colby has for the most part, advocated for the welfare of all of our beloved Summer Bay people, including several tumbles in his tenure.

He’s going to probe, preach and check to the very end, whether it’s to defend the people of The Bay—and we can’t fault him, since there’s an explanation why this struggling bunch is taking shelter in the coastal region.

And we can still count on old Colby at the end of the day to carry our own grin, and the dials of both Home and Away affiliate. Colby Long Live… And seriously please don’t let the rest of the coopers finish him off!


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