Colby is arrested in new Home and Away trailer – who betrayed him?


A brand new Home and Away trailer have revealed the next week, Colby Thorne gets arrested when someone betrays him and reveals something to the police.

Who’s going to land Colby in it, and is it going to be enough to have the senior constable locked up for good?


With Colby walking away from a crime scene, the thrilling new promo, as you can see in full below, begins. As Mackenzie looks on, behind him are a couple of random guys being arrested.

The detention takes place outside the home of Parata, suggesting that it has everything to do with the drug work Tane is wrapped up in. From the clip, we can’t say if Tane is arrested himself, or only the crooks who are after him, trying to come after his kin.

“Next, we cut a shot of Ziggy, who looks at his police name badge and says,” You don’t have the right to wear that anymore.

Ziggy found out a couple of weeks ago about Colby’s involvement in the murder of Ross Nixon when Dean admitted something to her in a last-ditch effort to make her stay with him. With Ziggy struggling to cope with the fact that her boyfriend was an accessory to murder, his efforts failed.

She understands that Dean was only defending his mate, but she understands that Senior Constable Thorne is squarely responsible for the blame.

On top of that, she knows the backstory of his and Dean’s Mangrove River days, and amid it, she can’t believe he’s still on the force.

Would she dislike Colby enough to put him behind bars, with her own life going mildly off the rails after she and Dean split up?

As the promo starts, “He feels they are just his mates,” a voiceover tells us. He claims that his murdering secret is safe.

Yet things are about to crumble rapidly. “A shot of Nikau has him telling Colby,” I know what happened to Ross.

Just before he and Bella set off for the Blue Mountains back in August, Nik found out about the mess. As she explained that she wanted to get away from Summer Bay and start a new life, Bella admitted everything to him.

Since then, he’s kept a lie but admits that it’s eating away at Bella. Although we can’t see why he’d unexpectedly change his mind, maybe if Colby ends up arresting Tane in the meth van ordeal for his part, will Nik end up turning on him?

Yet it seems like Nik isn’t the only one outside the inner circle of Colby who can figure out what happened two years ago. Mackenzie tells him, too, “I mean, all right?” During the arrest scene above, with Mackenzie still looking on, could she side with Tane despite his role in a big drug shipment and turn on her former boyfriend?


We see a shot of her and Dean in a tense standoff later in the promo, with her reminding him that “good guys don’t kill people,” while he is shocked standing there. Maybe she had just admitted to him that she was talking to the cops?

Next, that starts the operation. We have a scene in which Angelo does what he wanted to do for months when the cops surround the driveway next to the pier complex and Colby’s apartment. Arrests Colby!

Angelo comes up to him right in the middle of the restaurant, watching Taylor and Jasmine, and telling him he’s putting him under detention.

But what was it that caused his arrest? Who has Colby betrayed?

As Angelo asks an anonymous guy, “Are you ready to comment Colby? There’s a shot of Dean-“someone said something”-“But what was it that caused his arrest? Who has Colby betrayed?

Next, deca 500 av dragon pharma i norge nandrolone decanoate as the promo dubs them, we hear recordings of a “Witness X” telling Angelo that they have selected aside and are ready to talk!

With the pitch lowered to mask it, their speech is skewed, but to us, it sounds like a skewed female voice.

“You’re going to do your part in taking down Colby,” Angelo advises someone at the diner.

“This is a crucial witness,” Colby says, refusing to believe that the prosecution is over. “Who they are, I need to find out.”

It looks like it’s hard for Nikau to come up, as Dean confronts him. The rat is you! He shouts in Nik’s direction as he grips him by his jacket’s collar. I did nothing! Nothing! ‘Nikau insists.

Or maybe Ziggy? Will it be a step too much if she’s mad at Colby for arresting Tane and she thinks enough is enough? She informs Willow that “murder is assassination!” Yet she knows the Dean may well go down with him if Colby goes down.

Is it going to be enough for her to stay silent?

Bella speaks from outside his cell to Colby, telling him, “None of us can do that to you!” But has he been deceived by one of his friends?

The door to the cell area opens in the final scene of the trailer, and a shadowy man steps in. They’re wearing high heels by the looks of it. “Was it you? “Colby asks.

As Home and Away edges ever closer to the 2020 season finale, it’s certainly a dramatic week in store. See the whole trailer below, and make up your mind on who is behind the demise of Colby. We opened up the feedback, so you can offer your thoughts at the bottom of the page.

The trailer is a continuation of the tumultuous developments unfolding in Australia this week. In the last few days, things took a shocking turn, when Angelo told Taylor and Colby he knew about their affair!

All struggles with the fallout of Angelo’s discovery in a triple-bill of episodes that aired down under on Thursday.

Angelo approached Bella earlier in the week, telling her he suspected her dad was having an affair with his wife. Bella freaks out, she can’t find Colby anywhere, and clearly, he’s utterly oblivious that their affair is no longer a detective’s secret.

He is almost oblivious to what they mean to him as she and Willow finally track Colby down. He doesn’t think Angelo even knows about them-after all, he just passed him out of the diner, and he didn’t say something.

He knows they’re getting desperate for Angelo. Yet they think it’s insane for Willow and Bella that Colby isn’t going to take this seriously. It’s all one big game, he thinks, and he doesn’t seem to care if he’s figured out.

The reality finally comes out, and in his room, Angelo threatens him. There’s nothing that Colby can do to refute the affair, that he’s been trapped well and truly. Yet he is unconcerned, even insulting Angelo for the fact that he slept with his mom.

Colby tells him that yeah, he had an affair with his wife, but it’s not immoral, and it’s the only thing he has with Angelo! That he’s getting away with murder is much smugger than before.

But that just makes Angelo more driven, and Colby Thorne looks like it’s the last week of independence!

How do you think would confess anything to Angelo? In the comments below, leave your opinions.



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