Colby is arrested! Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Patrick O’Connor an intense Home and Away fight scene

In the upcoming episodes, on Monday, we will see Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Patrick O’Connor were filming an intense Home and Away fight scene. because the dean thinks that Nikau Parata becomes the witness of Colby and that’s why Angelo arrested Colby Throne.

Kawakawa looked furious while playing the role of Nikau Parata as he locked horns with Patrick, who portrays Dean’s character.

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The scene began with the pair trying to work things out through a conversation-but before they came to blows, their war of words quickly escalated.

Dressed in a khaki jacket and patchwork denim, when he caught Patrick by the shirt, Kawakawa easily showed off his acting abilities.




Dressed in a blue top with the imaginary emblem of Ben’s Boards, Patrick seemed to be just as raging, as he, too, caught Kakakawa by the collar.

When they tried to break up the battle, the pair’s intense scuffle caught their company by surprise.

In order for the explosive scene to air to see what the brawl was over, home and away audiences would have to wait.

While Patrick has been on the soap since 2018, in February, Kakakawa made his debut.

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