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Colby Thorne Sad Moments -Colby deserves the world!

Colby deserves the world!! It broke my heart watching the prison scenes last year and it breaks my heart when he’s sad. Bella and Dean always supported him and so did Willow but its still so upsetting how she betrayed her best friend.

Colby went through so much in his life . He never had a break . I wish they would have had Colby talk about his abuse more . I think Colby does die but we will see. Colby did bad things in his life but he was always there for everyone

Aww poor Coldy I miss u on the show he was great character he looked after everyone he is brother to Bella always here for her it’s so cute to see them tomorrow. it’s so sad to see him sad sometimes I cry when I see him sad because he’s such a good character., He never gives up on life. Him and Dean are amazing together when I see makes me laugh and smile. Hug to Colby I love you edit so much keep up with the good work.

I’ve just seen this and I’ve watched this twice already. I recognise James Arthur’s distinctive voice. Awww, poor poor Colby. I could never cope with seeing Tim Franklin sad or upset, that would really and truly take the very heart of me. All I would wanna do is just hold Tim and protect him with my heart and my life: if I ever saw Tim in emotional pain, I’d move the Solar System around to just take it away, and I’d hold him in my arms. I also know that if Tim saw me in emotional pain, he’d move the Solar System around to take it away, too, plus I know that he would keep me safe in his Super-Gorgeous Arms Of Love. That’s what True Love is to me


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