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Coronation Street blunder as Shona Platt error spotted by viewers: ‘Must be proud!’

CORONATION STREET’s Shona Platt has caused a stir among ITV viewers after a tiny inaccuracy was discovered in one of the scenes she appeared in over the holidays.

Shona (Julia Goulding) has become one of the most popular characters on Coronation Street, despite the fact that she has recently taken a back seat in the story. She was seen helping her husband David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) prepare the festive feast for his clan and the Barlows in the ITV soap’s Christmas episodes. However, it appears that some keen viewers realized Julia, the actress who plays the café worker, had made a mistake by putting something from her actual life into the imaginary realm, thereby disrupting the reality that viewers are intended to escape when watching the show.

During the run-up to Christmas, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) attempted to broker peace between the feuding tribes.


It seemed unthinkable to eat at the same table with family members from the Platts and the Barlows bickering with one another.

Shona was present for the talks, but she was still wearing her ITV lanyard under her coat, which she needed to get access to the studios.

Normally, cast members remove all outerwear and accessories to thoroughly immerse themselves in the persona they are portraying.
However, this mishap did occur, and after the episode aired, people turned to Twitter to express their displeasure with the error.

Viewer Carole wrote on the social media platform: “Again!!!! She must be really proud of her @ITV lanyard @itvcorrie.

“Someone please create a #RoysRolls lanyard so that she can wear that instead #Corrie #CoronationStreet #SpotTheLanyard,” she continued.

The account called I am Ken Barlow posted directly to the actress, adding: “Hey @juliagoulding, that Shona has nicked your ITV lanyard #Corrie.”

Dylan commented: “Can anyone else spot it @itvcorrie @juliagoulding #Corrie #coronationstreet?” referring to the lanyard.

Whilst Matt simply shared: “Her [Julia’s] ITV lanyard is showing.”

Julia has not commented to the error on her social media accounts, despite it being addressed directly in some of the tweets by viewers.

When the show celebrated its 61st anniversary, the actress shared something about it on her Twitter profile.

The soap star, who has 41,900 followers on Twitter, reposted a show post and commented, “Happy Birthday to the Best Street in the World!”

Julia has been a part of the cast since Shona first walked onto the cobblestones in 2016 as Clayton Hibbs’ mother (Callum Harrison).

In 2020, she took a hiatus from her work to give birth to her first child, and she returned in 2021.

Julia’s character Shona was also in deadly danger during the soap’s stunt week, which aired at the end of October.

After Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) and Johnny (Richard Hawley) went down the sinkhole, David’s wife grabbed a rope and decided to save them both.


“We knew we’d be performing a massive narrative for Super Soap Week,” Julia stated when asked how she found out about her involvement in the stunt week.

“Because we weren’t able to do something as big as they’d originally hoped for the 60th anniversary.

“Funnily enough, I found out that I had an involvement in it on the day that the Queen visited Coronation Street!

“I’d not seen our producer Iain MacLeod in the flesh for a long time because of the COVID restrictions at work, and I hadn’t needed to have a chat with him for a while.”

Julia continued: “We were talking and I made a joke about Shona going down the sinkhole. He said: ‘Actually…’

“I was like: ‘Nooo! Please don’t tell me I’m going to die!’ He explained that Shona would act as a bit of a hero in the situation.

“I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get started. It’s always nice to be involved in big storylines,” she told Digital Spy.

It has not been announced what storylines the Platts will be involved in in the next weeks and months, but it appears Shona will have her hands full with Max Turner’s (Paddy Bever) bad behavior.


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