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Coronation Street confirms Abi Webster’s big Christmas surprise


The secret surprise that Abi Webster’s son Seb Franklin planned for her before he died has been revealed on Coronation Street.

Kevin, Abi’s husband, has been on a secret mission after discovering a letter among Seb’s possessions in recent episodes of the ITV soap.

Everything became obvious in the show’s Christmas Eve episode, which is available to view early on the ITV Hub.

Abi (Sally Carman) had a tense start to the day, fearing that she’d destroyed her family’s Christmas dinner plans by making a last-minute blunder.

Abi was always berating herself for making mistakes, but Kevin (Michael Le Vell) advised her to relax.

A knock on the door soon followed, and Kevin joyfully delivered Abi’s twin twins, Charlie and Lexi. For the sequences, real-life brothers Jacob and Jasmine Fish reprised their roles.

As she hugged the kids, Abi was overtaken with emotion. She hadn’t seen the kids since their adopted parents departed to Australia in July 2020.

Abi’s situation improved even further when Charlie and Lexi’s adoptive father, Damon Boulter (Richie Daysh), consented to let her spend Christmas Day with them.

Later, Abi inquired about Kevin’s role in the surprise, but he stated that he couldn’t take credit.

Kevin stated, ” “A letter was addressed to Seb. He got the ball rolling. He hoped to catch you off guard. I just picked up the trail after he discovered out they were in England for Christmas.”

Abi responded, ” “Well, thank you for carrying out his instructions. Even in death, he is a trump card.”


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