Coronation Street fans slam ‘nasty’ Cassie Plummer as they predict murder twist

As Cassie Plummer set her sights on Kevin Webster, viewers of Coronation Street were less than impressed.

It’s evident from the past few weeks that married mechanic Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell), played by Clare Sweeney as Cassie Plummer on Coronation Street, has grown on Cassie Plummer. The Weatherfield resident made every effort to interfere in his relationship with Abi Webster (Sally Carman) on Tuesday night.

Viewers of the ITV soap opera witnessed Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) approach Abi in the episode, asking whether she was still in contact with drug dealers from her past. He wanted to have the option to take his own life with medication because his MND is becoming worse.

Knowing what it’s like to lose a child, Abi first declined to assist, emphasizing how terrible it would be for his mother Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove). She later had a change of heart, though, and went to see a dealer to buy Paul some Benzos.

It was later discovered that the person who was observing and taking pictures was Cassie, who was meeting the person to obtain the drugs. She informed Kevin right away as they were heading to the garage that his wife had been reverting to previous behaviors.

Kevin was so incensed about Cassie that he told her to pack up her belongings right away. He didn’t want her near their kids out of fear for them.

She went to Roy’s Rolls to calm down and told Kevin the drugs were for Paul.

Then Kevin went to visit him and chastised Paul for placing his wife in that predicament.

Kevin admitted that Cassie followed her and took pictures to show him because he was curious about how he learned she met up with a dealer.

After realizing Cassie was attempting to drive Abi and Kevin apart, Roy Cropper (David Neilson), bewildered that her friend would take such a step, made the decision to speak with Cassie.

He advised Cassie to exercise caution moving forward after informing her that Abi was obtaining the drugs from a third party.

The proprietor of the cafe, who is normally composed and friendly, appeared to be cautioning Cassie that further interference might result in problems.

Soon after, viewers took to social media to criticize Cassie for attempting to stand in the way of Abi and Kevin. Some even suggested that Roy might commit murder in order to keep Abi safe.

remarked @RyanTheSoapking: “Poor Abi [sic].” Cassie is deserving of everything.

“I hate Cassie for doing that on Abi. Can she just leave please?” tweeted @leahallen77.

“Cassie is a nasty piece of work—Abi is one of the few people who has consistently been on her side,” tweeted @itzzzo_.

It was suggested by @ChewBarker78: “Is Roy going to kill Cassie?”

“Cassie stirring up trouble by going to Kev instead of speaking to Abi,” tweeted @philm2244.

I added, “That was Roy’s tread lightly warning,” to @LeroyStHillwell.

Will Cassie stop berating Kevin? Or is she willing to do whatever it takes to snatch him from Abi?

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