Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ Bethany Platt’s secret link to Daisy Midgeley’s past

After reuniting with Daniel Osbourne on Coronation Street last week, Bethany Platt has been making Daisy Midgeley jealous. However, could she be keeping something from them both?

Many who watch Coronation Street claim to have discovered the disturbing connection between Bethany Platt (Luke Fallon) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan). Since Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) ended their relationship when Daisy revealed she had slept with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), Daisy has been desperate to win back Daniel’s favor.

Daniel celebrated his birthday with Bethany during tonight’s episode, and she asked him questions about his relationship with Daisy. As Daniel summarized the events involving Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still), Bethany’s demeanor appeared to change, leading astute viewers to speculate about conspiracies.

With a cup of tea in hand, the two settled into the sofa and Daniel said, “Stay over tonight?” She abruptly stopped talking after that: “Oh, I can’t; my mother is expecting me! But I will give you a few drinks on your birthday. Rovers?”

Daniel joked, “I fancy somewhere a bit further afield,” not wanting to face Daisy. But Bethany saw through Daniel’s act and said, “You’re being shifty, might this have something to do with Daisy?

“So basically yes, what happened between you two?” Daniel took over and provided the “condensed” version of events, saying as follows: “The geek, that is, me, got the girl. She bonded with Bertie Wooster and was really excited about being his stepmum.

“Everything was great when I asked her to marry me, but Daisy was being stalked by some random crazy person,” I said.

“Police, the works, and then on the day of the wedding when he realised she was going to marry her actual fiance, he showed up at the Rovers to throw acid in her face.”

Bethany appeared concerned as she realized what was going on and inquired, “And hit Ryan? There is so much history between the two of you.

Daniel interrupted her abruptly, saying, “It gets worse, Daisy cheated on me and Ryan ended up in bed together!”

The entire situation was simply appalling. Can we stop there? Those are the condensed highlights of the events.

Fans of the soap opera speculated on X that Bethany might be in communication with Justin.

@WhoPotterVian made the following comment: “What if Bethany is questioning Daniel about what transpired with Daisy because she is with Justin? #Corrie.

“What’s Bethany up to with her secret phone calls #Corrie?” asked @VampLover27.

“Could Bethany be in contact with Justin?” asked a different user. Is that why, upon her return, she attacked Daniel so viciously?” (sic)

Others speculated that since Bethany and Damon returned to Weatherfield at the same time, Bethany might be having an affair.

What is Bethany trying to conceal?

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