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Coronation Street hints at Christmas turning point for Abi and Kelly

Will Abi call a truce this Christmas?

Abi Webster of Coronation Street is expected to have a change of heart regarding Kelly Neelan over the holidays.

Abi is enraged when she returns from her honeymoon with Kevin and sees Kelly back on the cobblestones. When Abi discovers on Boxing Day that Kelly has left flowers in Seb’s memorial garden, things get even more tense.

After an accidental meeting at a support group strikes a delicate chord with Abi’s sensitive side a few days later, it appears Abi may decide to leave Kelly alone for ever.


Abi watches as Aadi Alahan chastises his father Dev for evicting Kelly from Number 7 after previously allowed her to live there.

Even Abi is taken aback when Aadi admits that Kelly has since turned to drugs.

Abi and Kelly eventually wind themselves in the same drug support group. Things get off to a sour start as Abi gives Kelly a venomous glare as she explains her traumatic upbringing.

Kelly goes on to inform the group that she has done some bad things in the past, hinting to her role in the murder of Seb Franklin, and that she has turned to drugs as a method of fleeing.

Kelly’s admission strikes Abi, and she feels a pang of sympathy for the unhappy adolescent. Will Abi eventually agree to leave Kelly alone after baring her soul to the group?


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