Coronation Street next character to die ‘sealed’ as fans say he’s ‘playing with fire’

Just a few days into the New Year, viewers of ITV Coronation Street believe they have rumbled the next character to be cut from Weatherfield.
After losing money, Ed needs money, and Damon might be able to help. Before the builders’ yard is sold, Damon said he will take his money out of the Bistro and pay Ed in full, giving Ed access to a sizable sum of money.

A concerned DeeDee cautions Ed against getting involved with Damon because he can’t be trusted. When she tells Damon that her dad is a gambling addict, she puts him under no unnecessary pressure, which makes him fearful of losing his money.

Given Ed’s poor financial history, it seems inevitable that he will spend Damon’s money and get into serious trouble with the villain.

Fans of Coronation Street believe they know who will be “killed off” next on the ITV soap opera. An admonition that a character is going to “pay the price for playing with fire” is present.

Twitter users have been discussing Coronation Street’s most recent events. They fear Ed Bailey may be killed by Damon Hay. A fan enquired, “Ed rips of Damon, gets killed, is that going to be it?” following the most recent episode.

“Ed could be playing with fire agreeing to this deal with Damon,” remarked a different viewer. You shouldn’t trust him.” Another supporter cautioned: “Dee Dee is right Ed – remember she went out with Damon at one point so she knows what he is capable of.”

Ed is in a difficult situation, even though Dee-Dee has advised him to avoid Damon. Fans have already been promised “a brilliant, exciting, high-octane story” with “lots of intensity and passion and a whirlwind romance with Damon and Sarah,” according to producer Iain MacLeod.

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