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Coronation Street: Sharon and Sam’s attack scenes branded ‘bonkers’ by viewers



Coronation Street viewers have branded Sharon and Sam’s attack scenes ‘bonkers’ and ‘farcical.’

Jenny learned that Sharon’s nephew Harvey is the same drug dealer who is chasing Leanne, Simon, and Nick on Monday night’s episode of the ITV soap (May 31).

She ran into Sharon as she was ready to alert Rita about why her foster daughter had returned.


She questioned Sharon about her involvement in the kidnapping of Sam and her collaboration with Harvey. Sharon pulled out a taser and tased Jenny as she walked away to call the cops.

Sharon tasered Jenny. But some fans were unimpressed with the scenes (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episode (Tuesday, June 1) Gary realised the same van that kidnapped Sam was outside of the Kabin.

But as he broke the door in to get into the shop to see if Rita was okay, Sharon ran out the back.

Gary stole the keys from the van when he saw she was trying to depart Weatherfield and was pursued by Sharon and one of Harvey’s guys, Robbie.

Robbie pulled out a gun as they walked down the alleyway.

However, Sam, who was on the opposite side of the fence, heard the noise and walked out to investigate, carrying his telescope bag.

Sam hit Robbie (Credit: ITV)

Sharon walked away as Robbie prepared to shoot Gary and soon a gunshot could be heard.

However it was soon revealed that Sam had hit Robbie from behind and knocked him unconscious.


As Robbie was hit, the gun went off. But the bullet missed Gary.

Coronation Street: What did viewers say about Sharon and Sam’s scenes?



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