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Coronation Street spoilers: Paul Foreman humiliates Billy Mayhew in front of the bishop

When Billy ‘s ex Todd bags a job at the factory where Paul still operates, Paul will get more and more intoxicated at a work function in the ITV soap.

To the extent that Paul and Todd were quick to lock horns over Billy, Todd ‘s return caused Billy and Paul nothing but trouble.


Todd did not wait long for his ex to profess his undying love.

And to make matters worse, Billy struggled to say that he had no feelings for Todd at all, even to tell him that he was the love of his life.

By telling Paul about the heated moment he and Billy had shared, Todd then stirred the pot further, leaving Paul feeling nervous.

Next week’s Coronation Street episodes will see Billy inform Eileen and Nina that at any moment he expects the bishop round to tell him if he has bagged the role of archdeacon.

Paul, meanwhile, stews over the fact that Todd, his nemesis, has a job at the factory working with him.

Sarah organizes a curry for the factory workers in a effort to improve the team spirit, and Kirk takes out a quiz he prepared earlier.

As the quiz kicks off, Paul knocks back the wine as the second intensifies his hatred of Todd.

Disaster strikes when, during his meeting with the bishop, Paul stumbles into Billy’s flat, making unsuitable jokes and offering him a beer. Before scarpering as soon as he can, the bishop appears shocked-much to Billy’s dismay.

The next day, Paul scans the work pages for a hungover and Billy advises him not to let Todd get to him.

Is it too late, though?


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