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Coronation Street spoilers: Ray Crosby faces jail for bribing the planning commission, leaving Debbie Webster frustrated

RAY Crosby worries that, after bribing the planning committee, he will end up in jail.

The evil developer of land – who is played in the ITV soap by Mark Frost – has gone to great lengths to get the green light for his attempt to demolish the cobbles and build a flat block.

But next week’s Coronation Street episodes will see Ray angry to learn that Roy has obtained legal advice and is threatening his planning proposal to demolish the cobbles with a judicial review.

And when a panicking Ray reveals that he bribed the Chairperson of the planning committee, Debbie is shocked by his incompetence and reminds him he might end up in jail.

Has Ray dug a grave of his own?

Faye informs Maria, meanwhile, that she is struggling to cope with the shame of attacking Adam, who she believed was Ray.

When Gary calls Maria from jail, Maria tells him how he’s dealing with Faye.

A police officer, meanwhile, calls Tim to query the bag found in Gary’s possession, discovering that it contains the knife used to assault Adam.

Tim is surprised by the development and wonders if Faye had anything to do with the assault, but she denies anything when he quizzes her.

However, when Faye reveals she’s spending the night at Maria’s, Tim becomes more suspicious.

Tim heads over to find a pregnancy test and requests answers, and is surprised. 

All about Ray, Faye tells him, leaving Tim fuming and vowing revenge. 
Gary is visited by Tim and begs him to tell him what he knows about Ray, so they can go to the police. 

But Gary maintains, for Faye’s sake, they need to keep quiet. 

But is Tim going to listen?


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