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Coronation Street spoilers: Shocked by Sarah Platt as Adam Barlow moves on with Alina

Next week in Coronation Street, SARAH Platt is shocked when Adam Barlow moves on with Alina.

The prosecutor, who is played in the ITV soap by Sam Robertson, split with Sarah after she declined to sell her former Gary Windass to the police.

After becoming suspicious of his strange sense of loyalty to Rick’s daughter Kelly, Adam grew convinced that Gary was involved in the death of Rick Neelan.

In an attempt to look for dirt about Gary, Adam then got close to Kelly’s aunt, Laura, and learned that he had been giving Laura money and pretending it had come from Rick.

When he heard that Sarah had found evidence that Gary had killed Rick, Adam was furious, but covered up for him, and broke up with her.

Next week’s Coronation Street episodes will see Sarah plan a factory worker’s night out.

Later, Sarah, Kirk, Todd, Alina, and Paul meet for a team-building evening at Speed Daal.

Kirk takes out a quiz written by him and divides everyone into teams.

But when she sees Adam chatting up Alina, Sarah is distracted.

Paul, meanwhile, drowns his sorrows, becoming more and more frustrated by Todd by the second.

Sarah catches Adam chatting up Alina outside the factory later in the week and sees red, launching into a rant about how soon he’s managed to move on from her.

They walk past Sarah, yelling at Adam, as Carla meets a new client.

Later, Carla advises Alina to stay away from Adam and tells her he’s just using her to make Sarah angry.

But when Adam later suggests that Alina go out for dinner, she’s swayed.

What’s she going to say?

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