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Coronation Street spoilers: Tim seeks comfort in Aggie after devastating health news


The January spoilers for Coronation Street have been revealed. Tim Metcalfe is about to receive some catastrophic health news.

Instead of turning to his wife Sally for solace, he goes to his next-door neighbor Aggie Bailey.

Will Tim admit the truth as Sally’s suspicions grow?

Tim and Sally have a new year and a new you.
The pair decides to start a new health regimen in 2022. It all starts with a smoothie and a visit to the doctor.

While Sally believes they both passed their MOT with flying colors, Tim is obviously concealing something.

He’s later seen booking a secret appointment behind Sally’s back, then lying about having to work to avoid joining Sally for a run. What exactly is going on?

When Tim receives a text confirming his cardiology appointment at 3 p.m., it becomes evident.

Tim receives awful news at the hospital, according to teasers from Coronation Street.

However, as a frightened Tim goes the appointment on his own, Sally has learned through Peter that Tim isn’t working at all. Sally is concerned now that she knows he lied.

Tim receives awful news at the hospital: he requires an angiography. He hurries out, startled, and doesn’t notice he’s dropped his wallet.

Aggie locates it and returns it to him, but he asks her not to inform Sally that he was in the hospital since he does not want to worry her.

Sally’s mind, on the other hand, has taken over, and she believes his lies indicate he doesn’t want to be seen with her.

Tim is concerned for his life, while Sally is concerned for her marriage (Credit: ITV)

Tim and Sally’s relationship is in jeopardy?

Tim heads off with Aggie for support as he waits for his results, still keeping his secret to himself. When he learns he requires a triple heart bypass, he is distraught.

Tim’s next heart attack might be fatal if he doesn’t get an operation, but he’s in denial as he struggles to cope with the news.

Aggie implores him to listen and confide in Sally, but he stubbornly refuses.


Sally’s anguish is palpable.

Sal’s situation worsens when she proposes a sultry night in and Tim declines.

Sally is devastated, and she believes her marriage is in jeopardy. Is Tim finally going to tell the truth?

Will he continue to rely on Aggie in his time of need? Will Aggie be able to provide him with the solace he seeks? Will Sally begin to suspect there’s more between the two neighbors?

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