Coronation Street star details Sarah Platt ‘hurt’ after Damon Hay left her ‘abandoned’

EXCLUSIVE: With Damon Hay’s return, Sarah Platt of Coronation Street must fight her feelings once more.

After Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) returned to Coronation Street, it appears that drama is in store. When viewers of the ITV soap opera last saw him, Sam Robertson’s character Adam Barlow was forcing him to leave Weatherfield.

When Adam discovered that his wife Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) had an affair with Damon, he acted quickly to get rid of him. Fans emphasized their chemistry, pointing out that even though she insisted it wasn’t serious, they couldn’t stay apart.

Before Sarah had a chance to inform Damon that she was pregnant, he had already left the cobbles. Her joy was short-lived, though, as Damon recently found out about the horrifying miscarriage she had.

Now that he’s back on the scene, he wants to win Sarah back and show that his criminal past is behind him. Actress Tina O’Brien disclosed exclusively to and other media outlets how Sarah feels about running into her old flame again.

“She’s angry and hurt even though she knows that Adam is the reason he left,” the soap opera star stated. I believe she feels a little let down by him.

“She really feels like she’s on her own with everything that she’s gone through.

“The person she would have preferred to confide in wasn’t there for her, even though she knows she brought it on herself.

“She’s upset with him when she first sees him because she felt really hurt by that.”

Adam was enraged when it was revealed that she had an affair the previous year and he insisted that they file for divorce, ending their union.

However, after both of their plans failed, viewers caught a glimpse of a spark between the two on New Year’s Eve when they enjoyed a drink at the Bistro.

When Damon confessed his feelings for Sarah this week, things became complicated, just when it seemed like her marriage might still be able to work.

Tina seems unsure of her character’s choice when asked which of Adam and Damon she thinks Sarah should ultimately end up with.

“Interestingly enough, I would probably say that,” she went on. Welcome a new man!

“I would have said Adam if everything with him hadn’t gone wrong, but I’m not sure if they could ever move past the hurt and betrayal.

“In the long run, I believe Damon could be very dangerous and terrible news for her. Perhaps she would be better off alone?

Will Sarah attempt to succeed in her marriage to Adam? Or will Damon’s charm as a bad boy tempt her?

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