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Coronation Street star Sam Retford reveals more on Curtis’s lies being exposed

“I think it’s the first time he’s been honest in his entire life.”

After his girlfriend Emma Brooker discovers that he’s been pretending his terminal illness, Coronation Street star Sam Retford has talked up about what’s to follow for his character Curtis Delamere.

Emma (Alexandra Mardell) will confront Curtis about his “heart medicine” in scenes due to run on Monday, December 13th. She has found that he has been pretending to take pills for the entire time she has known him since they are actually vitamins.

Curtis’s state of mind during the tense conversation was described by Retford as “very apprehensive,” before disclosing that he tries to “lie his way out of it” to keep his relationship from falling apart.


“He’s trying to hold on to his safety net,” the actor said. “Emma gradually tears him down to the point where he feels comfortable telling her the truth. That was a lovely moment to play with Ali because I believe that was the first time he’d ever been honest in his life.”

When asked about Emma’s reaction to Curtis’ factitious disorder, a mental disease in which people deceive others by pretending to be sick, Retford said: “It’s extremely challenging. Within the partnership, she is in such an emotionally developed state.

“She’s free to have her own emotional battles over the relationship and her internal anguish, knowing that there’s someone she cares about who is willing to stand by her side and assist her. I believe that’s extremely lovely, and it greatly de-villainizes his disease.

He went on to say that Curtis is facing a “immense hurdle” when it comes to receiving help, and that his youth would prove to be an unanticipated stumbling block on his long road to (possible) recovery.

“At such a young age, when your brain is still developing, remapping entire neuro-pathways and how you view and establish connections is a massive thing to do,” the 22-year-old stated. “I believe he desires it, but it is only achievable with the assistance of others.”

“It’s like a light has been turned on in his head,” Retford said of Curtis’ revelation to Emma. “It’s a marvel he’s been able to be honest with someone and she hasn’t fled away — it was never in his mind as a possibility. Now that it’s happened, he’ll do everything he can to keep it in his mind.”


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