Coronation Street’s Abi Franklin to get big Christmas shock in new storyline

And it relates to Sib.

Abi Franklin is in for a big surprise this Christmas, as she faces her first Christmas without her son on Coronation Street.

Sib Franklin was slain by Corey Brent and his crew in May, and his girlfriend Nina Lucas was critically injured.

Following up on the traumatic plot, this Christmas will be Abi’s first since the horrific events, and she will tell everyone in new scenes that they must get into the spirit, as it is what Sib would have wanted.

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Kevin and Jack are pleased with the attitude, but Kevin is taken aback when Tyrone offers him a couple of Sib’s belongings that Emma discovered.

He displays Tyrone and emphasises that Abi must not find out after reading a jaw-dropping letter from Seb, however he gives off a troubled expression when he takes a covert phone call.


After reading the odd letter, Kevin decides to finish what her son started and pulls out all the stops for Abi.

After a happy Abi thanks Kevin for the nicest Christmas present ever, Kevin reveals that it was all Seb’s idea in the end.

What was his last present to his mother?


It comes as that Abi and Kelly may be on the verge of a reconciliation following Kelly’s role in Sib’s death, with Abi showing sympathy for the kid after attending a drug support group.

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