Coronation Street’s Adam Barlow forms dangerous alliance with Harvey Gaskell

Adam Barlow of Coronation Street will do whatever it takes, no matter how extreme, to get Damon Hay away from his family.

As Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) makes a decision, it appears that trouble is on the way for Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths), the character on Coronation Street. Damon went back to Weatherfield at the beginning of the year to prove to Tina O’Brien’s character Sarah Platt that he had turned from his criminal ways.

He refused to go back to the dark side, even though his brother Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) attempted to entice him with the promise of making some money from a robbery. According to official spoilers, Sarah appears to have changed her mind for next week.

ITV viewers will witness a rekindled romance between Damon and Sarah in upcoming scenes as they spend the night together, obviously in love. She invited him to have a drink with her family because she wanted to give it a shot.

Damon says he has to pay his brother Harvey a visit in prison first, and he agrees. Adam witnesses the two of them enraged as they leave the Redbank apartments.

Afterwards, Damon visits Harvey and expresses his clear intention to kill him if he pulls any more pranks. But Damon snaps when Harvey makes threats against Sarah.

In another scene, Adam chooses to approach Sarah and admits that he is aware that Damon has gone to see Harvey and that he shouldn’t be around their son Harry.

But Sarah chooses to take the pain in his eyes by reminding him that Harry isn’t biologically his.

Adam, incensed and offended by her remarks, calls the jail to schedule a meeting with Harvey.

While there, he informs the offender that Harvey has a strong case for an appeal based on his review of his files.

Harvey threatens Adam, not wanting the idea of freedom to raise his hopes too much.

He divulges that the hitman who will deal with Damon will also deal with him if he is let down by Adam.

The lawyer and Harvey’s sidekick get together later in the week to finalize the arrangement.

He gives the man a sizable wad of cash and instructs him to make sure Damon is scared off.

Adam has a panic attack as the thug agrees, takes the money, and leaves.

In an attempt to finally get rid of Damon, has Adam formed a risky alliance with Harvey?

The soap star said to and other media outlets, in response to a question about whether he could see Damon living on the streets permanently, “It depends on what pressures he’s under or what he has to do to get by.”

“He may wish to live on the streets, but the question is if he will be permitted to do so with his brother standing over him and Adam on his back.

“I don’t think Damon will ever have an easy ride.”

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