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Coronation Street’s Asha Alahan left mortified as Dev makes accusations against Corey

Coronation Street‘s Asha Alahan and Corey Brent will face another setback in their relationship after Dev accuses his daughter’s boyfriend of pressuring her into sex.

Following their reunion, Asha and Corey are spending more time together, much to the annoyance of Aadi. Corey pokes fun at Aadi for being single, which caused him to storm off.

Still bruised from Corey’s comments, Aadi tells Dev that Corey gave his sister a pair of trainers, saying it’s obvious that the pair must be having sex.

corey, asha alahan and dev alahan in coronation street

After persuading Aadi to join him on a ‘dads and lads’ day out later in the week, Dev is distracted when he learns that Asha was spotted coming out of the doctors.

To Asha’s horror, Dev then confronts Corey on the street and accuses him of pressuring Asha into having sex with him. Dev ends up missing a shopping trip with Aadi as they argue on the cobbles.

Asha and Aadi accuse Dev of treating them both as children. After encouragement from Tim, who advises Dev to listen to what they have to say, Dev concedes that his parenting skills haven’t always been as good as he’d like.

asha alahan, corey, and aadi alahan in coronation street
The twins later reveal they hate Oakhill School and want to return to Weatherfield High, and Dev agrees to help.

Meanwhile, Asha and Corey grow closer after he suggests that they should now spend more time together now she’s on the pill.

Will Asha and Corey’s budding romance derail Dev’s attempts at being a more considerate parent?


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